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MSI Summer Tech Madness Sale!


MSI, a world-leading laptop brand, announces their Tech Madness Sale with the spotlight on their Modern Series of laptops and how to save up to ₱18,000 off on the participating models this summer season.

The laptops in MSI Modern Series are great for the whole family, even Mom. This laptop trades MSI's typical gaming aesthetic in favor of a more refined design, as seen by the laptop's slim and stylish chassis.


Ultra-Elegant, Ultra-Portable
This is designed to be extremely lightweight and compact, making it ultra-portable as well. This series has a thickness of only 16.9-18.1mm and weighs only an ultralight 1.4 kilograms. That means more efficient work can be done anywhere.

The Modern Series laptops come in two display sizes: 14 inches and 15.6 inches. This makes it easy to set up on a table or desk for women who don't have a dedicated office at home or who need to change rooms during the day.

Light does not mean cheap. The Modern Series meets MIL-STD-810G military standards for durability. MSI's Professional Series is as tough as its owner.

Aside from the hardware, the portability of this series is enhanced by the built-in MSI Center for Business and Productivity. This optimization software helps control the laptop’s modes for every work scenario, leading to a smoother work experience and additional battery life.

All these portability features make the Modern Series perfect for staying productive and connected.

Daily Driver Performance and Connectivity
Depending on the configuration, the MSI Modern Series laptops are either powered by AMD or Intel CPUs. These top-of-the-line processors ensure a smooth experience, from watching her Netflix episodes to attending virtual family reunions on Zoom.

The integrated graphics in these laptops are also powerful enough for some light gaming. For the content creators out there, the Modern Series can easily multitask through multiple programs as well as handle light video editing and playback.

Aside from the powerful insides, the Modern Series provides a top-quality user experience with its Precision Touchpad and White Backlit keyboard. With 1.5mm of key travel, the keyboard ensures an ergonomic typing experience while also being usable in dark environments. Again, perfect for everyone who wants to be a little productive.

Connecting to other devices is also simple and effortless because of the wide variety of ports on this thin and light laptop. The audio port provides Hi-Res audio to make sure your mom hears sounds the way they were meant to be heard.


From May 19 to June 30, 2023, save up to ₱18,000 off on the participating models. This includes the Modern Series as well as many gaming models that the brand is known for. The Modern Series laptops start at the low price of ₱25,995 and are available at MSI authorized dealers:
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