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Nothing Ear (2)

London-based tech company Nothing has released a new set of wireless earbuds, the Nothing Ear (2). These earbuds have been highly anticipated due to their unique design, customizable features, and sound quality.

Nothing Ear (2)

The new Nothing Ear (2) is now available locally via Digital Walker, and it's the successor to the brand's already popular TWS earbuds, the Nothing Ear (1) and Nothing Ear Stick. It appears identical to the first edition at first glance, but it incorporates several enhancements.

Nothing Ear (2) Specs:

In-ear wireless earphone
11.6mm dynamic driver
Graphene + PU (Polyurethane) diaphragm
Tuning: Nothing
5000 Hz Frequency range
ANC up to 40 dB
Environment Adaptive ANC Transparency Mode
Rated IP54 Earbuds / IP55 case water and dust resistance
Bluetooth 5.3: BLE, SPP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Clear Voice Technology with 3 mics per bud
Google Fast Pair
Microsoft Swift Pair
Dual Connection
USB Type-C
29.4 x 21.5 x 23.5mm (buds) dimension
33mAh each earbud
485mAh charging case
Colors: Lightning White, Thunder Gray
4.5g (bud), 51.9g (case)

The team at Nothing is proud of their work to make technology more accessible to everyone. They've gone far beyond merely making a product with no carbon footprint.

Nothing Ear (2)

The Nothing Ear (2) is manufactured using renewable energy and includes a plastic wrap-free packaging design to reduce its lifecycle carbon footprint to 3.1kg CO2e.

What's In the box?

Nothing Ear (2) earbuds
Extra ear tips in sizes S, M, L
Charging case
Type-C cable
Safety information and warranty information
User guide

It's clear that the team at Nothing has taken their original Ear 1 to the next level with the Nothing Ear (2). A notable feature is its see-through design. Both the earbuds and the charging case are housed in a transparent plastic body.

Nothing Ear (2)

 Although Nothing promised to "reveal the raw beauty of technology," the transparent plastic body still keeps most of the internals hidden. Magnets and a tiny indent in the case keep the earbuds in place, and white and red spots on the earbuds designate which ones go in which ears.

Nothing Ear (2)

The Nothing Ear (2) is only 4.5g each, these earbuds feel incredibly light and comfortable. If you're someone who prefers a looser fit, then you're going to like this fit. While the default silicon eartips don't fit snugly in my ear canal, they do stay put and are super comfortable to use!

Nothing Ear (2)

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There are extra pairs of silicone ear tips included, so it's best to try which size is the perfect fit for ultimate comfort and sound quality. The ear tips are easy to remove, making it a breeze to try out different sizes. The smallest one is just 12mm in diameter, while the medium-sized one measures 13mm, and the largest one is 14mm in diameter. The large size works like a charm on my right ear, while the medium ear tip snugly fits on my left ear.

Nothing Ear (2)

The translucent case has a similar design to the buds. The case fits well in a jeans pocket. The case has a magnetic cover that incorporates a convenient thumb rest, showcasing a well-conceived design. Similar to most clear plastics, this particular material appears to be highly prone to scratches.

The Nothing Ear (2) earbuds feature improved active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. This function effectively eliminates up to 40 dB of ambient noise, allowing me to enjoy listening to music or receiving calls without interruption.

Choose from three distinct ANC settings or let the earphones handle everything for a completely hands-free listening experience. The Adaptive mode anticipates potential disruptions in your environment. There's no need to turn the volume up or down. It also includes custom-fit Active Noise Cancellation based on the unique shape of your ears.

Nothing Ear (2)

The Nothing Ear (2) earbuds are rated IP54, which means they are sweatproof and dustproof, making them the perfect choice for any workout or outdoor adventure. However, they're not totally waterproof. so make sure to keep that in mind and make sure you take them off before taking a swim. While the case got an IP55 rating, which means it's totally protected against water and dust, that is another cool feature.

Connectivity and Pairing
The Nothing Ear (2) supports Google Fast Pair for use with Android smartphones. Just by opening the case of the Nothing Ear (2), I was able to pair it with my OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G quick and easily. If you're using a Windows PC and wish to use these headphones, Microsoft offers a program called Swift Pair.

Nothing Ear (2)

Pairing with an iPhone requires turning on Bluetooth on the iPhone, looking for a new device, and selecting the Nothing Ear (2). Alternatively, you can try pairing using the Nothing X app. It also supports dual connections, which means you can use your laptop and smartphone at the same time and easily switch between connected devices.

Sound Quality
The Nothing Ear (2) earbuds deliver exceptional sound quality thanks to their 11.6mm dynamic drivers. The sound signature of the earbuds is well-balanced, with profound bass, clear mids, and crisp highs. The soundstage is also wide, creating an immersive listening experience.

Nothing Ear (2)

The earbuds' active noise cancellation (ANC) features are noteworthy as well. It effectively muffles background noise to provide a quiet listening experience. The customizable ANC levels allow you to adjust the ANC based on your surroundings.

Since it uses the latest Bluetooth 5.3 for wireless connection, it provides a stable and reliable connection. The earbuds support AAC and SBC codecs, which deliver high-quality audio over Bluetooth.

Battery Life

The Nothing Ear (2) earbuds offer a decent battery life. Each earbud has a 33mAh battery, and with active noise cancellation (ANC), you can enjoy up to 6 hours of uninterrupted playback time on a single charge. If you disable the ANC, the earbuds can provide up to 7 hours of playback time. It's perfect for long commutes or intense workout sessions.

Nothing Ear (2)

The charging case, which packs a 485mAh battery, can provide an extra 34 hours of battery life, which is impressive. The charging case supports wireless charging and USB-C fast charging, allowing you to charge it quickly. So you never have to worry about running out of juice.

It's worth noting that the battery life may vary based on usage and settings. If you listen to music at a high volume or use the touch controls frequently, the battery life may decrease. However, if you use the earbuds at a moderate volume with ANC disabled, you may get a longer battery life.

Overall, the Nothing Ear (2) earbuds are a great pair of earbuds that deliver high sound quality, customizable features, and a unique design. The earbuds are comfortable for all-day wear, and the touch controls are super responsive and user-friendly. It also has reliable Bluetooth connectivity and customizable ANC levels, allowing you to listen to music anywhere without interruptions. If you are looking for a premium pair of earbuds that stands out from the crowd with its distinctive design and customizable features, the Nothing Ear (2) is a great option.

The new Nothing Ear (2) wireless earbuds is priced at ₱8,490 and it's available at Digital Walker stores and on their website. At the same time, Digital Walker stores will display Ear (2) for tryout experiences at Glorietta 2, SM Aura, and SM Mall of Asia.
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