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Buy Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors and Watch Fast X Movie for Free

Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors

Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors and Universal Pictures announced a promotional partnership with the upcoming action movie Fast-X. The collaboration honors the cinematic debut of the highly anticipated movie on May 17, 2023, in the Philippines.
Philips Evnia is partnering with Razer to bring you four of their most immersive and innovative gaming monitors. Buy select models of Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors and get two free movie tickets, as well as a limited-edition jersey, cap, bag, and/or Philips Gaming head and neck support cushion.

The promo, which will run until June 15, 2023, will include the following models:

Free 2 MOVIE TICKETS + PHILIPS Gaming Neck and Head Support Pillow +LIMITED-EDITION SHIRT, CAP, and BAG for the following models:

Model 329M1RV - price ₱52,713
Model 27M1N5500U - price ₱49,800
Model 279M1RV - price ₱43,650

2 MOVIE TICKETS +LIMITED-EDITION SHIRT, CAP, and BAG for the following models:

Model 27M1N5200P - price ₱20,800
Model 27M1N3200Z - price ₱13,013
Model 24M1N3200Z - price ₱10,475

Philips Evnia, like Dom's crew in Fast-X, reinvents the rules to stay ahead of the game, adding freshness and elegance to the standard display solution mix. The models in the partnership promotion all have impressive features to exceed the competition, including stunning 4K resolutions for next-generation gaming and large screen sizes to immerse gamers.

Evnia, like Fast and Furious, values speed and performance. The premium 27-inch 27M1N5500U provides smooth gaming and rapid response times with its 300Hz refresh rate. Gamers may also expect low input lag, Ambiglow, and better DTS sound on some models.

Philips Evnia is committed to providing the best of the best to customers and aims to spread the joy and love of gaming alongside exceptional performance through its gaming monitors.

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