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Sharp Launches Aquos XLED TV with “True to Life” Viewing Experience

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Sharp Aquos XLED TV

Sharp Philippines announces the new Aquos XLED TV, available in 65" (4T-C65FV1X) and 75" (4T-C75FV1X) variants. This innovative offering redefines expectations by seamlessly blending the best features of LCD and OLED television technologies.

Sharp Aquos XLED TV

Sharp has once again stepped up its game by bringing the Sharp Aquos XLED TV to the Philippine market, a game-changing entertainment TV's. From its standard DK1X Series, which delivered an unrivaled experience, to its gaming TV, DL1X Series, which provided a genuine experience, Sharp has once again leveraged its technology to develop the brand-new XLED TV, offering a True to Life Experience.

The latest Aquos XLED TV lineup is available in both 65" (4T-C65FV1X) and 75" (4T-C75FV1X) models. This groundbreaking product sets an unprecedented standard by seamlessly integrating the finest elements of LCD and OLED TV technologies.

The new Aquos XLED TV represents a new era of flagship television and boasts an artistic design along with remarkable innovations that elevate the viewing experience to a "True to Life" level of immersion.

The Aquos XLED 4K TV has proven to be the best TV Sharp has produced in the 4K segment over the years, as it delivers exceptional picture and audio quality with its unique True Brightness, True Color, and Immersive Sound. Also, this product won the 2023 IF Design Award.

Sharp Aquos XLED TV
“At Sharp, we are committed to make effort to deliver high-quality, value-added products, and excellent after-sales service to Filipino families. We believe that every home deserves the best in entertainment, and our Aquos XLED TV represent this vision.”, said Mr. Kazuo Kito, President and General Manager of Sharp Philippines.
True Brightness
The AQUOS XLED 4K TV is equipped with Xtreme mini-LED technology, which provides the brightest dimming zone in its category. With more than 2,000 backlight dimming zones, it provides unparalleled dynamic color contrast, setting it apart from other brands on the market. In addition, the 88x backlight LEDs provide 6x the maximal brightness of conventional displays, resulting in a dazzling display.

True Colour
Designed with Deep Chroma Quantum Dot technology, the AQUOS XLED 4K TV displays the highest color coverage in the history of AQUOS TVs, with over 20% more color gamut coverage area compared to conventional displays. This allows the 2023 AQUOS XLED 4K TV to display accurate object colors and a lifelike visual experience.

Immersive Sound
The Aquos XLED features Dolby Atmos technology, which provides an unmatched audio experience. This innovative feature is enhanced by the presence of an advanced ARSS+ surround speaker system with a total of 11 speakers precisely positioned to generate a 3D sound field with crystal-clear audio. These speakers deliver extraordinary sound quality at all frequencies, including the high, mid, and low ranges.

Google TV
In addition to enhancing the visual and audio experience, the AQUOS XLED 4K TV integrates Google TV. With this, users can avoid switching between multiple apps and effortlessly investigate a vast library of over 400,000* movies, TV episodes, and live TV channels organized based on their preferred genres and interests.

Latest Dolby Technology
The new model has also the Dolby Vision IQ, which intelligently optimizes your TV for a perfect picture in your room at every moment. Dolby Atmos immerses you in your favorite entertainment with sound that moves all around you with breathtaking realism.

Sharp Aquos XLED TV

Unleash True Experience Event
Along with Sharp’s Aquos XLED Launching Event is its ‘Unleash True Experience’ event, which was held last August 1 – 6, 2023 at Festival Mall, Alabang. Sharp Tekken Tournament and Cosplay Fest were held on the exhibit area which showcased multiple talents from the gaming community and to cosplayers all over the South and nearby

cities. All the events portrayed Sharp’s Japan Technology wherein it shows Sharp’s commitment to providing Japanese quality products for every Filipino household.

You can visit the leading appliance stores near you to check our introductory price of the new SHARP Aquos XLED TV.
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