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Acer Philippines Wins 12 Red Dot Awards with #MakeYourGreenMark Campaign

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Acer Philippines Wins 12 Red Dot Awards

The Acer Day #MakeYourGreenMark campaign won a Red Dot Award for Advertising and 11 additional awards in the Brand and Communication Design ballot, marking the brand's biggest number of winning entries.

Acer Day #MakeYourGreenMark's distinctive call to action, CSR collaborations, and event entertainment promoted Acer's sustainability message.

Acer Philippines Wins 12 Red Dot Awards

Acer engaged 18 global ambassadors from seven Asia Pacific regions to promote the #MakeYourGreenMark campaign to millions worldwide. The breakthrough campaign influenced global sustainability efforts, confirming Acer's commitment to a sustainable future.

Acer Philippines hosted a “Green Mark” performance with notable Filipino performers. Fans won tickets by donating to The Green Earth Heritage Foundation and The Plastic Flamingo. The event was a milestone in environmental commitment.

The concert reached over 714 million people globally with 15,000 on-ground and online fans. More importantly, the campaign earned nearly Php1 million to plant 5,401 trees for forest rehabilitation and 20 metric tons of plastic to be turned into sustainable construction materials.

The #Acer21DayChallenge, led by Acer and Predator ambassadors including Sarah Geronimo, SB19, and Alodia Gosiengfiao, has become a big environmental movement. This program touched 6.5 million Filipino users and was magnified by TikTok's viral influence, showcasing the power of creative involvement for a sustainable future.
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