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Azul Platform Prime Brings Cloud Cost Optimization Solutions to Businesses in the Philippines

Azul Platform Prime

Azul, the 100% Java-focused company, is boosting its efforts to help Philippine businesses reduce cloud computing costs with their high-speed Java Virtual Machine (JVM) software. Azul Platform Prime in the Philippines supports seamless cloud expansion without cost overruns or performance issues.

Azul Platform Prime

Azul Platform Prime, the most high-performance Java runtime, enhances Java efficiency by enabling more transactions on existing hardware, even as loads increase. It offers optimization features for consistent response times and reduced latency.

These advantages empower Azul customers to raise their cloud utilization limits with confidence, resulting in fewer cloud compute instances being needed. On average, Azul customers have achieved a 50% reduction in their cloud expenses through Azul Platform Prime.

According to Statista, the Philippines public cloud market is expected to exceed US$1 billion in 2023, reaching nearly US$2.28 billion by 2028. Cloud computing provides on-demand capacity, elasticity, automation, and availability, enabling businesses to operate in a modern, agile manner to meet dynamic needs. Despite these advantages, cost overruns pose a significant challenge. In a 2021 study, Gartner revealed that organizations lacking cloud cost optimization plans can overspend on cloud services by up to 70%, without realizing the expected value.
“Since inking the APAC-wide distribution agreement with Azul last November, we're really excited to see accelerating results starting to flow from the channel investment we've made with Azul in the Philippines. Azul is such a massive opportunity in the DevSecOps market and NEXTGEN's unique channel services, dedicated headcount and capabilities are enabling more and more partners to leverage the opportunity at speed. We are thrilled to be playing a pivotal role in the Azul growth journey!” said Wendy O’Keeffe, NEXTGEN’s executive vice president and managing director, Asia.
Azul Platform Prime
“We are seeing increasing demand for Azul’s solutions as organizations across the region struggle with out-of-control Java support costs and their cloud costs continue to rise,” said Dean Vaughan, vice president of APAC, Azul. “We are excited by the market opportunity to present a superior Java alternative to the Philippines. Our substantial investment and growth in the region, including the expansion of our channel partner program, will benefit our customers large and small as we drive forward our commitment to making cloud efficiency both accessible and sustainable.”
Helping companies get the most out of their Java applications is not new to Azul, who has two decades of experience providing superior Java infrastructure and support to its customers. Azul’s solution includes:

⦁ Commercial Java Support – With the most recent Java licensing and pricing changes introduced by Oracle in January, companies could find themselves paying two to as high as 10 times more as a result. With the largest Java engineering team outside of Oracle, Azul offers customers a typical savings of 70% compared to Oracle Java SE, while also providing the largest breadth of platform and version support, as well as quarterly security-only updates and Java expertise.

⦁ Java Security – ⦁ Azul Vulnerability Detection (AVD) was developed to help address the increasing risk of attacks on enterprise software supply chains, which are compounded by Java vulnerabilities such as Log4j that continue to rise. AVD detects known vulnerabilities in Java applications in production with no performance penalty.

⦁ Java Code Maintenance – Launched last week, Azul ⦁ Code Inventory is a new feature of AVD that provides developers and DevOps teams a precise catalog of the source code used in production by Java applications, making it easy to accurately identify dead and unused code for removal. Code Inventory improves developer productivity and ultimately saves money by removing the burden of maintaining and testing code that is not being used.

Azul Platform Prime
“Our unwavering commitment at Azul is to empower businesses to harness the full potential of their cloud investments, and Java sits at the heart of this mission,” said Scott Sellers, co-founder and CEO at Azul. “By introducing Azul Platform Prime to the Philippines, we are not just providing a solution – we are providing a pathway for businesses to realize unparalleled efficiency and cost savings in their cloud journey.”
Azul’s CEO, Scott Sellers, is currently on an APAC roadshow visiting customers and partners, including in Manila, The Philippines, on October 9-10, and Jakarta, Indonesia, on October 11, 2023.
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