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Gashapon Bandai Official Shop Now Open at Mitsukoshi BGC!

Gashapon Bandai Official Shop

Breaking Boundaries: The once-exclusive 'Only in Japan' experience is now accessible to Filipino otakus, toy collectors, and enthusiasts of all things cute. The first ever Gashapon Bandai official shop is now open, located at Mitsukoshi BGC!

Gashapon Bandai Official Shop

Dive into the world of Gashapon and explore a wide range of high-quality toys, including anime figures, food miniatures, realistic animal replicas, stationery, accessories, and more, all accessible through vending machines. The Name, 'Gasha' (the Resonant Turn of the Vending machine handle) and 'Pon' (the satisfying sound of the Toy Capsule landing in the Bin), embodies the thrill packed into every capsule.

Gashapon Bandai Official Shop

The Gashapon Bandai Official Shop houses a collection of 300 faces with an expansive range, from beloved anime titles like Pokemon, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Spy Family, Gundam, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, and Hunter X Hunter, to iconic characters from Disney, Sanrio, Peanuts, and beyond. Explore adorable creatures from land and sea, along with collectible food trinkets and much more.

Each machine requires a specific number of tokens, priced at P65 each. Elevate your collection with Premium Gashapons, which need 8 tokens or more. As an added delight, Gashapon Bandai Official Philippines offers a complimentary tote bag for every 30 tokens purchased in a single transaction.

Visit the Gashapon Bandai Official Shop, located on the second floor of Mitsukoshi BGC.
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