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LG Philippines Takes Gaming to the Next Level at ESGS 2023: Unveiling Gaming Monitors for Ultimate Excitement

LG Philippines

ESGS 2023 celebrates a decade of gaming excellence at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. LG Philippines makes its debut, dominating the spotlight with a dedicated booth featuring gaming areas and a diverse range of tailored monitors for every gamer.

LG Philippines

LG showcased four amazing monitors at their booth for the ultimate gaming experience. Highlights included 'UltraGear Racing' with a lifelike driving simulator connected to the 45GR95QE and 'UltraGear Sports,' demonstrating optimal gaming frame rates when paired with a Nintendo Switch.

At the core of LG's gaming showcase was the 45GR95QE, a gamer's dream with its 45" WQHD 21:9 Curved OLED Display. With a lightning-fast 240Hz Refresh Rate and a swift 0.03ms Grey-to-grey Response Time, it keeps up seamlessly with fast-paced action. 

The 1.5M:1 Contrast Ratio strikes a perfect balance between brightness and darkness for an exceptional gaming experience. AMD Free Sync Premium ensures smooth, low-latency gameplay, making it a must-have for gamers seeking the best.

Gamers at LG's booth enjoyed elevated excitement, immersing themselves in popular titles like Call of Duty, Wii Sports, Gran Turismo, or League of Legends. The monitors transformed their gaming experience into a realm of realism, attracting countless visitors eager to try and adding to the vibrant atmosphere with cosplayers.

An additional attraction at the LG booth was "The Falling Magnet," adding an extra layer of intrigue and engagement for visitors.
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