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Maya Saves Christmas: Boost Your Savings While you Spend this Holiday Season!

Maya Saves Christmas

Celebrate the holidays without spending all your savings. Maya, the top digital bank in the Philippines, is your holiday hero. Enjoy Christmas cheer and shopping with confidence, knowing Maya has your back.

Maya offers exciting perks and rewards for its users, especially during the holiday season.

Cashback and iPhone 15 Giveaway:
Users can enjoy up to ₱5,000 cashback.
There's a chance to win the latest iPhone 15 by spending a minimum of P2,500 at partner merchants.

Maya Savings Boost:
Users can get up to 14% p.a. interest boost on Maya Savings with daily crediting, providing an opportunity to grow savings effortlessly during the holiday season.

Convenience and Perks with Grab:
Maya offers the ultimate convenience for Grab transactions, allowing users to make fast and smooth payments with the Maya card.
Exclusive discounts and cashback opportunities are available for Maya users when using Grab.

Maya Credit Benefits:
Qualified users can enjoy a credit line of up to ₱18,000 with Maya Credit.
Users can unlock up to ₱3,000 cashback and receive shopping vouchers worth up to ₱400 when using Maya Credit for various transactions, including groceries, dining, flights, hotel bookings, and more.

Festive Joy and Extra Perks:
Maya aims to relieve users from the financial pressure of holiday shopping by providing extra perks and joy.
Whether it's gift shopping, dining out, or travel plans, Maya promises to help users get the most value for their money.

Maya is offering not only cashback rewards but also opportunities to boost savings, enjoy convenience with Grab transactions, and access credit with additional perks. It's a festive package designed to enhance the joy of giving during the holidays while providing financial benefits to users.
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