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realme Buds T300

realme Philippines has recently launched the successor to its popular Buds T100. The realme Buds T300 wireless earbuds boast an enhanced Dynamic Bass Driver, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and an extended battery life. While maintaining an affordable price point.

realme Buds T300

The new realme Buds T300 comes with an attractive price tag of just ₱1,399 and is now available in all realme stores nationwide. You can also grab it conveniently from Lazada, Shopee, and the official realme e-store.

realme Buds T300

What's in the Box?

⦁ realme Buds T300 in charging case
⦁ Extra ear tips
⦁ USB Type-C cable for charging
⦁ Information card

Design and Comfort
The Buds T300 boasts a polycarbonate body with a polished finish. It looks similar to Apple AirPods. It's available in Black and White colors. These buds adopt an in-ear style with silicone tips and a long stem.

realme Buds T300

The compact charging case, with a smooth surface, complements the earbuds, providing both style and functionality. It has an easy to open lid, a tiny LED light at the front, and the charging port is placed at the bottom for easy access.

realme Buds T300

The ergonomic design and lightweight construction of these earbuds make them a good choice for those looking for a versatile audio companion for all-day use. Weighing a mere 4.1g, these earbuds ensure a fatigue-free experience even during extended listening sessions.

realme Buds T300

The earbuds provide a comfortable and secure fit, thanks to their soft, flexible, and noise-isolating polymer material eartips that offer an immersive audio experience. Sporting an IP55 rating, the Buds T300 is resistant to water, dust, splashes, and sweat, making it an ideal choice for everyday use in any environment.

realme Buds T300

Having extra pairs of ear tips allows for convenient selection based on individual ear canal preferences. While the default tips are usually adequate, trying different sizes for the best fit is recommended, particularly in light of potential ear wax accumulation. For individuals who regularly use earbuds, routine cleaning is advised to uphold hygiene standards and optimize performance.

Connectivity, Controls, and realme Link app
The Buds T300 wireless connection uses Bluetooth 5.3, offering low latency and a range of up to 10 meters. Additionally, it supports Google's "fast pair" feature, enabling the earbuds to swiftly connect to a smartphone upon opening the case lid, streamlining the pairing process for a fast and easy experience.

realme Buds T300

realme further enhances the user experience for Buds T300 with the use realme Link companion app that unlocks additional features for the earbuds. This includes touch control customization, activation of game mode, volume adjustments, and the selection of sound effects. The app also provides real-time information on the remaining battery for the earbuds and the charging case.

The earbuds feature touch controls on the upper part of the stem. While it requires some adjustment to get accustomed to the sensitivity of these controls, once familiarized, you can effortlessly utilize this feature to play or stop music, answer or end calls, pause the music, adjust the volume, and switch between the Noise Control Mode and Transparency Mode.

Sound Quality
The Buds T300 TWS comes equipped with 12.4mm dynamic bass drivers, which is a 24% increase in vibration compared to its predecessor. Enhanced with an N52 magnet, these earbuds elevate sound sensitivity, resulting in a robust and powerful audio output.

realme Buds T300

The redesigned rear cavity further contributes to improved sound quality, providing a larger low-frequency resonance space for the expansive driver. This design delivers deep and solid bass, creating a sound field for an enriched audio experience.

realme has integrated the Buds T300 with a 360-degree Spatial Audio Effect, delivering a cinematic sound experience when using the earbuds. This feature can be easily enabled through the realme Link app.

realme Buds T300

The Buds T300 provides good bassy sound quality thanks to its 12.4mm Dynamic Bass Driver. It offers a powerful and resonant sound that enhances the overall listening experience. Whether it's the lively beats of "Uptown Funk," the intricate harmonies in "Bohemian Rhapsody," or the pulsating synth of "Blinding Lights," the Buds T300 performs well with clear and detailed sound across a range of musical genres.

These earbuds are especially good at giving a strong bass, creating a full and immersive audio experience. The 360-degree spatial audio effect makes the listening experience even better, adding a cinematic touch to the sound.

While the powerful bass is a great feature, users who prefer a more balanced audio profile with less emphasis on bass might find the Buds T300 to have a bass-heavy sound signature.

The Buds T300 is equipped with two built-in microphones with noise-cancellation capabilities, enhancing voice clarity by effectively picking up and isolating voices while minimizing background noise. This ensures that conversation remains clear and audible, even in noisy environments, offering an uninterrupted communication experience.

While the touch controls are handy, some people might find them a bit too sensitive, causing accidental touches. It could also be improved with more sound customization options in the realme Link app. Despite this, the Buds T300 is a solid choice for wireless earbuds, providing great audio quality that suits various musical preferences.

Battery Life and Charging
The Buds T300 charging case packs a 460mAh battery, complementing the 43mAh battery within each earbud. This combination delivers 40 hours of use, translating to a full week's worth of use with a moderate daily usage of 5.5 hours. The individual earbuds, not to be outdone, provide a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted music playback on a single charge.

realme Buds T300

For those living in the fast lane, a quick 10-minute charge adds an additional 7 hours of music playback to these audio companions. The charging for the Buds T100 case, from 10% capacity to a full 100%, clocks in at approximately two hours, ensuring minimal downtime.

In our tech-centric lifestyle, the realme T300 effortlessly integrates into our routine—whether it's grooving to beats during commutes, indulging in quick gaming sessions during breaks, or unwinding with a Netflix binge before bedtime. These earbuds prove to be not just a tech accessory but a reliable and versatile part of our daily entertainment lineup.

A notable feature is the Buds T300's IP55 water and dust resistance, making it the perfect workout companion for those intense gym sessions.

Impressive Dynamic Bass
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
Impressive Battery Life
realme Link App Integration
Sleek Design and Comfort

Learning Curve for Touch Controls
Plastic Build
No Wireless Charging
Slow charging of the case

The realme Buds T300 delivers an impressive audio experience, showcasing dynamic bass, effective active noise cancellation, and various features. Despite a slight learning curve with touch controls and potential durability concerns related to the plastic build, the Buds T300 stands out as a solid choice for users looking for a budget-friendly yet feature-packed audio companion. The brand has demonstrated that high-quality, great-sounding earbuds can be accessible without breaking the bank, making the Buds T300 a noteworthy option in the competitive world of wireless earbuds.
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