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United Neon Unveils Southeast Asia's First Larger-than-Life Integrated 3D Digital Billboards in BGC, Philippines

United Neon

Christmas is just around the corner, United Neon the first in the country for outdoor advertising, revealed a larger-than-life 3D Digital Billboard. It's not only the first in the Philippines but also in Southeast Asia, making it extra special just weeks before the festive season.

United Neon

This follows their introduction of the country's first-ever 3D Naked Eye digital billboard at the same spot on 5th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City just a year ago. Their achievement earned them an award from the esteemed Philippine Marketing Association.

This year, United Neon served a world-class visual spectacle splashed on a 400 square meter screen, giving the public a taste of the magic of an integrated 3D digital billboard. At the launch, the massive screens opened up to a miniature city, bringing the audience along in a fun adventure of a moving Christmas train packed with gifts, eliciting collective gasps and shrieks of delight from the crowd.

United Neon
“Many of us have marveled at the 3D digital billboards of Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul, New York, and other cosmopolitan cities around the world and United Neon is pleased to bring for the first time here in the Philippines the same creative, interactive, and highly-experiential platform for everyone,” said Benjamin Lim, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of United Neon.
Outside of the entertainment value of the integrated 3D digital billboard, Lim said that this is an effective platform for brands to connect with their audience given the continuously evolving consumer behavior.
“We understand that the average consumer is already being bombarded with ads every single second of their life. We want to provide a spectacle that they could fully immerse themselves in. If people actively want to see what’s on the screen then it goes a long way in helping brands connect with their audience through very engaging content, Lim said.

3D Digital Billboard: 

Lim also expressed gratitude to their partners, the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) and the SSI Group.
“Without the level of support that they (FBDC and SSI) have provided, the launching of the 1st integrated 3D digital billboard in the region would not have been possible,” Lim said.
These stunning innovation efforts of United Neon did not go unnoticed by brands.
“We’re so happy to see how excited the brands have been to place their ads in the 3D digital billboards and, more so, how entertained people have been by the content on our screens. We’re counting on our partner brands to continue pushing the boundaries of advertising through this canvas that we have provided,” Lim said.
He adds that “these larger-than-life billboards have become a canvas for breathtaking animation that redefines how brands tell their story.”
BGC was a no-brainer choice for the country’s first integrated 3D billboard because, as Lim said, “BGC is the melting pot of different socio-economic classes, different cultures and it has become the center of innovation and business in the Philippines. What better location to showcase the most innovative screens in Southeast Asia than in BGC.”
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