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Sonos Era 100, Era 300, and Move 2 Speakers, Now Available for Pre-order!

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Sonos Speaker

Sonos, renowned for its wireless home sound systems, unveils three new audio devices designed to elevate your audio encounters. The Sonos Era 100, Era 300, and Move 2. These new speakers can effortlessly immerse any space with unparalleled, rich sound.

Sonos Speaker

Sonos Era 100: Elevate Your Audio Experience
Step into the future of audio with the Sonos Era 100. This compact speaker transforms any room into an audio paradise, featuring next-gen acoustics and a variety of connections, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and AirPlay.

Elevate your entertainment with finely tuned stereo sound and robust basslines, bringing your music to life. With touch and hands-free controls, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and an auxiliary cable, plus the convenience of the Sonos App, the Era 100 offers a seamless audio experience.

Weighing just over 2kg, its compact size lets you place the speaker anywhere in the room. Pair it with a second device for an even more immersive experience. Despite its small footprint, the Sonos Era 100 delivers powerful sound, driven by two angled tweeters for balanced frequencies, a 25% larger midwoofer for rich bass, and custom waveguides for amplified soundwaves.

Take control of your audio environment effortlessly with intuitive touch controls or the Sonos App, adjusting volume, bass, and treble. Experience the Sonos Era 100, where compact design meets exceptional sound for an immersive sonic journey.

Sonos Speaker

Sonos Era 300: Elevate Your Surround Sound Experience
Experience audio like never before with the Sonos Era 300, designed for users seeking a truly immersive spatial audio encounter. With six strategically placed drivers on the front, sides, and top, this speaker delivers Dolby Atmos quality sound that fills every corner of the room.

Combining a sleek aesthetic with groundbreaking technology, the Sonos Era 300 features a unique design that enhances your home's visual appeal while providing a realistic surround sound experience. Inside, four tweeters ensure faithful playback across frequencies, while dual woofers and custom waveguides create a balanced bassline and wide-ranging audio output.

Connect seamlessly with Bluetooth, WiFi, auxiliary cable, touch controls, and more, giving you command over bass, frequencies, volume, and beyond. Setting up the Sonos Era 300 is a breeze, and users can customize their sonic experience by pairing two devices for fuller, clearer sound or opting for elegant mounting accessories. Elevate your audio journey with the Sonos Era 300 and immerse yourself in a new dimension of sound.

Sonos Move 2: Powerful Sound, Anytime, Anywhere
Experience sound on the move with the Sonos Move 2, Sonos' most potent portable device that accompanies you wherever life takes you. This upgraded powerhouse ensures your soundtrack is always on point, whether you're indoors or outdoors. The Sonos Move 2 adapts and optimizes its sound based on its surroundings, delivering the best audio experience wherever you find yourself.

Upgrades include a more robust battery, providing up to 24 hours of continuous playback. Charging is now even more convenient with the Wireless Charging Base and a more compact adapter. Enjoy 30% more energy efficiency, and with a replaceable battery, the Move 2's lifespan is extended.

Inside the compact design, dual-angle tweeters and a precisely tuned midwoofer create stunning sound quality. The Sonos Move 2's durable construction, with an IP56 rating for dust and water resistance, makes it perfect for outdoor adventures. Crafted with shock-absorbent materials, it's designed to withstand drops, ensuring your speaker remains intact. Weighing just 3kg, the Sonos Move 2 is your ideal companion for all your getaways.

Unlocking Personalized Sound: The Sonos System
The Sonos system centers around a hassle-free setup via the user-friendly Sonos App. With seamless wireless connectivity, configuring your Sonos devices is a breeze and takes only a few minutes. Simply plug in your device, turn it on, connect to WiFi or Bluetooth, and open the app to start enjoying your favorite tunes or watching a new TV show. Easily control volume, bass levels, and more through the app or voice activation.

What sets Sonos apart is its ability to personalize the audio experience. Connect various Sonos devices to create a unified sound system, or play different tracks on each speaker. The app simplifies connections to other entertainment or streaming services, allowing you to tailor your home entertainment system to your preferences. Whether it's a working playlist in one room or a thrilling movie in another, Sonos makes it effortless.

Sonos Speaker

In addition to exceptional functionality, Sonos prioritizes responsible design. The brand actively works to reduce its climate impact through more efficient hardware and software. The Era 100, for instance, consumes 42% less energy than the Sonos One when idle, and both the Era 100 and Era 300 incorporate 40% post-consumer recycled plastics. Sonos devices feature 100% recyclable exterior and interior packaging, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability.

Pricing and Availability
Sonos Era 100 is now available for ₱16,990 via Mod Audio Philippines' stores, Lazada page, Power Mac Center, and SM Appliance Center.

Sonos Era 300 and Move 2 are available for pre-order at ₱31,990 and ₱30,990, respectively. Secure your device by sending a message via Mod Audio Philippines' Facebook or Instagram pages.

Visit Mod Audio Stores at 3F Podium and 2F IKEA Mall of Asia, Lazada, Power Mac Center, and SM Appliance Center. For more details, inquiries, or to pre-order, visit or contact 0917 503 2734 or 0933 813 3906. Elevate your audio journey today!
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