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Maya Partners with Grab for Seamless and Rewarding Transactions!

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Maya Partners with Grab

Paying for Grab rides and food orders just got simpler and more rewarding, thanks to a new collaboration between Maya, the Philippines' leading digital bank, and Grab, Southeast Asia's premier super app.

Now, users can effortlessly link their Maya accounts to Grab using just their mobile number, streamlining transactions across Grab's array of secure and reliable services. This direct linking not only provides convenience but also eliminates the hassle of interbank transfer fees, offering substantial savings for users.

Maya doesn't stop at simplifying payment processing. Leveraging Maya's all-in-one digital banking, each Grab transaction has the potential to boost the user's Maya Savings interest rate, reaching up to 14% p.a., credited daily.
Martha Borja, Grab Financial Group Philippines Country Head, expressed Grab's commitment to advancing cashless transactions in the Philippines. Borja stated, "With Maya joining our suite of cashless payment options, we are enabling more users to enjoy an end-to-end consumer experience tailored to the digital-first post-pandemic environment."
Both Maya and Grab share the vision of empowering Filipinos by fostering a digital-first economy. This collaboration marks a significant leap in the digital banking space, setting a benchmark for innovation and customer-centric financial solutions in the Philippines.
Shailesh Baidwan, Maya Group President and Co-Founder of Maya Bank, emphasized the alliance's goal to extend comprehensive financial services to more Filipinos. Baidwan remarked, "This collaboration is a testament to our vision for a progressive financial ecosystem through all-in-one digital banking."
Maya users are already experiencing the ease of connecting their Maya cards to the Grab app, with secure transfers between Maya and Grab wallets guaranteed. Grab's ecosystem of safe, reliable, convenient, and cost-effective services has transformed mobility, deliveries, and finance across Southeast Asia, continuing its commitment to driving the region forward.
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