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ASUS Philippines Unveils Enhanced 4A Quality and Service, Upgraded ASUS Premium Care Warranty Package

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ASUS 4A Quality & Service

ASUS Philippines introduced an upgraded ASUS 4A Quality & Service warranty package, enhancing customers' peace of mind with Assured Quality, Always-on Support, All-around Coverage, and Added-value experiences for users of ASUS, ROG, and ASUS Business products.

ASUS 4A Quality & Service

Most Strictly-tested US Military-grade laptops
Since 2023, every ASUS laptop has undergone the most rigorous torture-test regime, adhering strictly to the latest and most demanding MIL-STD 810H US military-grade standard. This comprehensive test suite comprises 12 methods and 26 procedures, simulating operation in harsh environmental conditions such as altitude, temperature, and humidity extremes, as well as physical vibration and shock tests to replicate rough day-to-day handling.

Additionally, all ASUS laptops undergo 16 grueling durability tests, surpassing environmental conditions beyond the military-grade standard. This ensures the durability and reliability of these laptops, enhancing their longevity and sustainability.

The 4A Guarantee is ASUS’ commitment to quality customer service and encompasses four core ideals that, when combined, ensure that investing in and using an ASUS product will be a positive experience for many years to come.

Assured Quality: Get unrivaled quality and durability with US military-grade certified laptops backed up by expertly-trained ASUS Service Technicians for after-sales support.

Always-on Support – Users can get support whenever they need it, with the built-in MyASUS app via ASUS and ROG social media channels, email, Live Agent Chat support, or ASUS' dedicated call center.

All-around Coverage: ASUS devices are protected around the world, with 100+ directly managed Authorized Service Centers in 63 cities nationwide and a global network of service centers that provide International Notebook Warranty services.

Added-value Experience – Enjoy complete peace of mind with a dedicated ASUS account support portal and Perfect Warranty, which safeguards ASUS laptops against accidental damage.

ASUS 4A Quality & Service

 4A Quality and Service
The 4A Guarantee represents ASUS' steadfast commitment to quality customer service, encapsulating four fundamental principles that collectively ensure a positive and enduring experience for users of ASUS products.

1. Assured Quality: Benefit from unparalleled quality and durability with US military-grade certified laptops, supported by proficient ASUS service technicians for comprehensive after-sales assistance.

2. Always-on Support: Users have access to support whenever required, facilitated through the intuitive MyASUS app, ASUS and ROG social media channels, email, Live Agent Chat support, or ASUS' dedicated call center.

3. All-around Coverage: ASUS devices are safeguarded globally, with over 100 directly managed Authorized Service Centers across 63 cities nationwide and a vast network of service centers offering International Notebook Warranty services.

4. Added-value Experience: Enjoy peace of mind with a dedicated ASUS account support portal and the Perfect Warranty feature, which provides protection against accidental damage, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

All ASUS, TUF Gaming, and ROG laptops, as well as ROG Ally, are covered by a standard 2-Year International Warranty. Premium phones like the ROG Phone series come with a standard 1-Year Local warranty.

ASUS, TUF Gaming, and ROG laptops also include the Perfect Warranty, offering one-time coverage for damages caused by customers (such as accidental drops, breakage, spills, and electrical surges) for one year after purchase.

ASUS ExpertBook laptops come with a standard 3-year International warranty, while ASUS ExpertPC, Consumer Desktops, and All-in-One PCs have a standard 3-year Local warranty. ASUS Business laptops and desktops, along with consumer desktops and All-in-One PCs, include on-site support.

For ASUS, TUF Gaming, ROG laptops, ROG Ally, and ExpertBook, the local service center provides a one-time comprehensive 9-step Preventive Maintenance service during the Standard Warranty period. This service ensures that devices maintain functionality and performance, extending their lifespan, contributing to reducing e-waste, and improving ASUS device sustainability.

ASUS Premium Care: Upgraded warranty and protection
ASUS Premium Care (APC) offers upgraded warranty and protection services tailored to users' specific needs. Users can choose from enhanced ASUS Premium Care packages starting at ₱2,995, available for purchase up to six months after the date of purchase, to extend product warranties, expand coverage, or revive their devices.

1-Year International/Local Warranty Extension: Extend product warranties to safeguard investments for a longer duration.

ASUS Perfect Warranty Plus (local accidental damage protection): Protect new ASUS devices from accidental damage with an additional 1-year Perfect Warranty coverage.

HDD/SSD Retention: Safeguard storage on ASUS devices with unlimited free labor and replacement of defective HDDs and SSDs. Users also have the option to retain the defective HDD/SSD for third-party data recovery or secure storage.

Carry-in to On-Site Upgrade: Enjoy hassle-free warranty service by upgrading to On-Site service support, with ASUS technicians coming directly to users' doorsteps.

Battery Service Package: Extend local warranties for ASUS device batteries, providing one-time battery replacement per year in the event of battery failure.

ASUS is dedicated to providing top-notch after-sales service with swift repair turnaround times at over 100 directly managed ASUS Service Centers. With a dedicated call center, ASUS ensures fast support call pick-up times for users across the country. The convenience of booking on-site service is further enhanced with the 24/7 On-Site Service warranty application, allowing users to schedule appointments at any time without waiting for operating hours.

Moreover, Perfect Warranty offers one-time local accidental damage protection and free one-time preventive maintenance, extending extensive warranty coverage while contributing to reducing e-waste by keeping ASUS products operational for years.

Users can access 24/7 support with just one click by becoming an ASUS Member, granting them quick access to manage warranties, download drivers and software, receive support, and track repair status, all from a single portal.

ASUS 4A Quality and Service is included with every purchase of ASUS, TUF Gaming, ROG, or ASUS Business products. ASUS Premium Care warranty upgrade packages are available for inquiry at official ASUS/ROG stores and authorized re-sellers.
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