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Bossjob: AI Hiring App, Introduces New Features for Enhanced Job-Hunting Experience!

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Bossjob, a chat-first career platform in Southeast Asia, is rolling out new features aimed at making job opportunities more accessible to talents. These features include the ability to explore international job openings and remote work options effortlessly.

One of the key updates is the introduction of a feature that enables recruiters worldwide to connect with talent across Asia, including the Philippines. By selecting the 'International' option, employers can now post job openings globally on the Bossjob website and target specific countries to find top talent. 


This feature not only facilitates outsourcing and remote team setups but also expands employer presence in previously untapped regions. Bossjob's goal with this new feature is to help companies reduce recruitment costs and streamline cross-border hiring processes.

This update comes at an opportune time, as individuals often reassess their career paths at the beginning of a new year. With the start of 2024 prompting reflections and resolutions, many professionals are eager to kickstart the year on a positive note. Bossjob recognizes the importance of making job opportunities more accessible to Filipinos, especially considering the thriving freelance market in the Philippines.

In addition to the international feature, Bossjob has launched a dedicated section for remote jobs, allowing job seekers to explore opportunities that best suit their preferences. From information technology to healthcare, the platform hosts hundreds of remote job positions across various industries, catering to diverse skill sets and interests.

The demand for remote work has been steadily rising, with Bossjob witnessing a significant increase in hybrid and remote job listings since Q3 of 2023. Industries such as Information Technology, sales, and emerging web3 sectors are embracing this trend, offering a range of remote roles from sales representatives to business development managers.

Job seekers are increasingly interested in remote or hybrid work arrangements, with approximately 32% of Bossjob's over 3 million active users exploring these options. The platform's data also indicates that remote roles offer competitive salaries, further fueling interest in flexible work arrangements.

As Bossjob continues to evolve with the changing job market dynamics, it remains committed to connecting talent with forward-thinking employers. With a growing presence across Asia, Bossjob aims to reach over 30 million users in SEA by 2026, offering free services to support its global expansion.
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