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HONOR Magic V2 Set to Unfold in the Philippines this February!

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HONOR Magic V2

HONOR Philippines announces the arrival of the highly anticipated flagship fordable smartphone, the HONOR Magic V2, in the Philippines on February 21, 2024.

The HONOR Magic V2 features a slim foldable form factor, impressive display, long-lasting battery life, and flagship performance, promising an unparalleled user experience.

HONOR Magic V2

According to HONOR Philippines Vice President Stephen Cheng, the HONOR Magic V2 sets new standards in the foldable device industry with its slim and lightweight book-style design. Weighing only 231g and measuring 9.9mm in thickness when folded, it aims to satisfy consumer desires for flagship performance while pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The HONOR Magic V2's exceptional lightweight design and premium build quality are made possible by breakthrough materials such as titanium alloy in the hinge and second-generation nanocrystal glass. The hinge can endure over 400,000 folds, while the nanocrystal glass offers 10 times greater drop resistance than typical glass. The device is powered by a 5000mAh dual-cell silicon-carbon battery, ensuring all-day battery life and rapid charging with the included 66W supercharger.

Furthermore, the HONOR Magic V2 boasts an outstanding display experience, featuring a 120Hz high refresh rate on both the inner and external displays. It also introduces the industry's highest 3840 PWM Dimming technology on a foldable display, promising an excellent browsing and entertaining experience while prioritizing eye protection.

Don't miss the live launch on Facebook: https://bit.ly/HONORMagicV2Launch_PR at 6PM
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