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Smart Continues to Lead: Ookla Reports Fastest Median Download Speeds

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Smart The fastest Mobile Network

The Q4 2023 Speedtest report by Ookla reaffirms Smart Communications Inc.'s (Smart) dominance in providing the Philippines' fastest median download speeds, clocking in at 37.64 Mbps among mobile providers.

Smart Sets the Standard
Ookla's latest data confirms Smart has maintained its lead as the fastest mobile operator in the Philippines. This is further proof of Smart's commitment to providing its subscribers with the best mobile experience, with lag-free and fast data transfers and seamless connectivity.

Smart continued efforts to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure and enhance network performance have resulted in the fastest median download speeds in the Philippines.

Ookla Report

Wide Lead Over Competitors
Smart's median download speed, which stands at 37.64 Mbps, is notably faster than Globe's, which sits at 26.44 Mbps. While DITO has a median download speed of 19.74 Mbps, This means that, on average, Smart users can download data faster.

Enhancing User Experience
Smart enables users to access the digital world with unmatched speed and dependability, from easily browsing the web and downloading files for work or school to maintaining social media connections with friends and family. Thanks to Smart's fast network, customers can also enjoy streaming their favorite TV shows and movies while on the go or playing the latest mobile games.

Infrastructure: Empowering Connectivity
Smart's network performance is enabled by integrating PLDT and Smart's fixed and wireless networks. Leveraging PLDT's extensive fiber infrastructure, spanning over 1.1 million kilometers as of September 2023, Smart delivers a comprehensive mobile network to 97% of the population. This integration ensures fast connectivity and robust performance, which makes Smart the preferred provider for millions of users nationwide.

Ookla's latest report underscores Smart's commitment to elevating the digital experience for millions of users nationwide. As Smart continues to innovate and expand its network capabilities, it solidifies its position as a forerunner in the telecom industry, setting standards of excellence and driving positive change in the digital landscape.

Ookla Report:
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