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Samsung Business Innovations Pave the Way for a New Era of Connected Experiences

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Samsung Business Innovations

Samsung strengthened its commitment to driving digital transformation in the Philippines for both the public and private sectors during its inaugural Business Expo, themed "Innovations That Power Solutions."

Samsung showcased its technology, which not only revolutionizes homes into versatile environments but also provides integrated solutions tailored for various industries, including education, government, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail.

Samsung Business Innovations
“The Business Expo is our concrete commitment to support the nation-building agenda of strengthening our government agencies and various business sectors to continue the country’s momentum of growth,” remarked Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) President Min Su Chu.
During the expo, leaders and experts discussed innovations driving solutions in today's connected world. SEPCO President Min Su Chu talked about their business growth with Samsung technology and future strategic plans. DICT Sec. Ivan John E. Uy emphasized innovation's role in national development.

BCDA President, Engr. Joshua Bingcang focused on digital transformations, Raffi Hwang from Samsung highlighted connectivity benefits, and Leslie Goh discussed Samsung's support for digital progress in businesses.

Samsung Business Innovations

Samsung leaders presented mobile, AV, appliances, air conditioners, and display advancements. Xavier Feys spoke about AI for energy savings, Ian Chong explored Knox security and AI in business, and Mark Goh discussed VXT solutions.

The expo showcased the "Samsung Digital City," highlighting the latest innovations in mobile technology, AV, digital appliances, air conditioners, and displays across various business units. It demonstrated how Samsung's technology can be customized to meet different business needs in settings like condominiums, command centers, classrooms, and restaurants.

For condominiums, Samsung offers SmartThings for connected living, enhancing comfort. In command centers, Samsung's government technology solutions provide advanced surveillance and operational efficiency. In classrooms, Samsung provides cutting-edge educational technology for engaging hybrid learning experiences. For restaurants, Samsung's display solutions enhance the consumer journey, creating immersive experiences from first impressions.
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