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TCL CoolPro FreshIN 2.0, Breathe+, Live Cool Air Conditioner Launched in PH!


TCL celebrated its 24th anniversary by unveiling its newest innovation, the TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+ Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner. This highlights TCL's dedication to providing state-of-the-art technology and enhanced cooling experiences for consumers.


TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+ Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner, dubbed as the coolest and freshest innovation. It stands out as a cutting-edge solution, surpassing traditional air conditioners offered by other brands. Its primary goal is to elevate TCL's reputation by prioritizing freshness, health, and ultimate comfort in indoor environments.
“In the past, TCL has always been better known for its Television business, but lately, it has been a surprising development that our Air Conditioner products have also risen in popularity in the Philippine market. I would also like to say that the average growth rate of our AC business has reached an amazing 60%. This inspires us to strive to better ourselves by bringing more innovative and better products to the Filipino people.” said TCL Chief Operating Officer Loyal Cheng.


The launch event sparkled with the presence of two renowned celebrity moms and fashion icons, Sarah Lahbati and Coleen Garcia-Crawford, who are proudly known as TCL Brand Partners for CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0.

TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+ Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner
The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner is designed to make indoor environments fresher and healthier with its innovative features. 


It uses two-way fresh air technology to balance temperatures by adjusting the intake of new air and the release of old air, maintaining a consistent and comfortable indoor climate. There are two versions available: Internal Air Purification and Fresh Air System.

The QuadruPuri filters provide effective air filtration through four layers: a preliminary filter, a silver ion antibacterial layer, a HEPA high-efficiency filter, and a high-density filter, ensuring excellent air quality.

The Visible Air Quality Display shows real-time air quality with a color-coded system, allowing users to easily monitor and maintain ideal air quality levels.

The FreshIN+ Function acts as an indoor air purifier, offering four modes (Breathing Mode, Fresh Air Mode, Exhaust Mode, and Purification Mode) for a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, making it a great choice for the upcoming summer season.

The Gentle Breeze feature provides a natural and mild airflow along with cooling benefits, enhancing comfort.

The 4-Step Auto Clean feature efficiently removes dust, dirt, and impurities from the air by drawing, frosting, sterilizing, and drying, ensuring cleaner air with a single button press.

The Indoor Temperature Control Expert maintains consistent room temperatures, providing an efficient way to stay cool indoors.

Pricing and Availability
As an introductory promo offer starting April 1-May 31, 2024, TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner Split Inverter will be priced at ₱50,995 for the 1HP variant, while the 1.5 HP variant is at ₱54,995.

For the window type TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner, the 1 HP model is priced at ₱25,995, and a 1.5 HP model, at ₱27,995 (cash only). It will be available at all TCL authorized dealers nationwide.
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