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Blackpanda's Latest Study Reveals Cyber Security Risks for SMEs in Asia Pacific


Blackpanda, a digital forensics and cyber security firm in Asia, has just released its first study on cyber security vulnerabilities among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the Asia-Pacific region.

The study used an in-house external attack surface management (ASM) scan to identify top vulnerabilities that pose significant risks, recommending swift resolution to prevent potential attacks.


The study highlighted three major vulnerabilities:

    1. Email Breaches: Constituting 71.68% of high-risk issues, these breaches pose a significant risk of information leakage and phishing attacks, emphasizing the need for advanced threat detection and incident response strategies.

    2. Exposed Web Services: Accounting for 69.92% of high-risk issues, vulnerabilities in web services can lead to disruptive attacks and compromise customer data.

    3. Known Software Vulnerabilities: Making up 59.96% of medium-risk issues, these vulnerabilities require prompt action to prevent data breaches and protect against financial and reputational damage.

Gene Yu, Blackpanda Group's CEO, noted that many cyber incidents stem from unpatched vulnerabilities, likening them to unlocked doors for attackers. The study also highlighted other security risks such as database vulnerabilities, system services issues, and software misconfiguration, stressing the importance of robust security measures.

Blackpanda team shown from left to right: Ruck Del Rosario, Digital Forensics and Incident Response Specialist; Pauline Ong, Director of Customer Success; May Tan, Marketing Manager; Evelyn Del Monte, Managing Director - Philippines, Gene Yu, Founder & CEO; Valerie Koh, Marketing Analyst.

Blackpanda offers IR-1, a comprehensive solution that includes incident response, continuous vulnerability assessments, and access to cyber insurance. IR-1's features include 24/7 incident response, continuous vulnerability scanning, and streamlined access to cyber insurance.

Del Monte mentions upcoming upgrades to IR-1, showing Blackpanda's commitment to providing advanced cybersecurity solutions. In the Philippines, Blackpanda works with channel network partners like Exclusive Networks (EN) and iSecure Network (ISN).
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