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UTOL: A New Player in Ride-Hailing Service in the Philippines

Unified Transport Operations League

Unified Transport Operations League (UTOL) has entered the transport network market, it's a 100% Filipino-owned and operated company dedicated to providing better service to meet the needs of both riders and transport network vehicle service (TNVS) owners and operators.

Unified Transport Operations League

UTOL has partnered with different companies, spanning vehicle maintenance, cleaning services, and insurance providers. This aims to offer comprehensive insurance coverage at reduced rates, alongside discussions with automotive dealers to establish partnerships as accredited vehicle suppliers for UTOL’s driver-operators, including vehicle financing options.
"As a Filipino-owned company, our primary focus from the start was to address the specific needs of drivers and riders on the road," shared a UTOL representative. "We aim to expand and refine our services, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with our partner driver-operators to create a better future. UTOL, which stands for Unified Transport Operations League, reflects our vision of being an extension of family."
UTOL's initiatives are geared toward professionalizing driver behavior, ensuring adherence to quality standards, and delivering a seamless and safe transportation experience at fair prices. By emphasizing these aspects, UTOL aims to distinguish itself in the market, instilling confidence in customers regarding the reliability of their services.

The UTOL app, developed by an all-Filipino team of IT experts, is set to launch on May 8, 2024. While already enrolling TNVS driver-operators, UTOL remains open to prospective applicants. Essential requirements include the vehicle's OR/CR for registration and a valid professional driver's license, with a preference for Toyota Vios models due to easier servicing and parts availability.

Looking ahead, UTOL plans to expand beyond Metro Manila, initially focusing on perfecting operations in the capital before venturing into other cities and provinces where demand for ride-hailing services exists.

Atty. Orly Ocampo, Head of the Legal Department at UTOL, remarked on the potential of ride-hailing in the Philippines, noting an underserved market, particularly in other regions and during peak periods. UTOL aims to bridge this gap by prioritizing passenger safety through a dedicated in-app emergency feature that swiftly addresses concerns raised by passengers or drivers.

Unified Transport Operations League

UTOL is offering premium services without compromising affordability. "Our goal is to enhance passenger convenience while empowering our partner driver-operators and their families," expressed a UTOL representative, highlighting the company's commitment to driving positive change in the sector.

The UTOL app is now accessible for download on Android devices, with availability on the Apple Store for Apple devices coming soon. Users can start using the app starting May 8, 2024, and enjoy a ₱50 discount on their initial ride booking.
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