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GCash Showcases AI-Powered Solutions to Boost Business Growth

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GCash Showcases AI-Powered Solutions

In the fast-evolving world of digital retail, anticipating consumer needs is crucial for success. GCash, the country's leading cashless ecosystem, is helping brands harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business growth.

GCash Showcases AI-Powered Solutions

At the recent GCash Insider event held at the BGC Immersive in Taguig, GCash introduced its latest AI-powered B2B solutions under the theme “Spending in the New Era of AI.” The event highlighted how GCash for Business Partner Solutions enables brands to implement hyper-personalized marketing strategies and gain a deeper understanding of customer needs through advanced AI technology.
"GCash has become a symbol of convenience for millions. Our innovation, customer focus, and data-driven insights are redefining engagement," said Winsley Bangit, GCash Head of New Businesses. "At GCash Insider, we explored how AI-driven marketing is revolutionizing customer segmentation and engagement."
GCash for Business Partner Solutions offers brands timely and exclusive insights into consumer trends, based on unique transaction data. This includes consumer spending behaviors that only GCash can provide. The event featured discussions led by GCash leaders and industry experts on the future-proofing potential of AI technology in business.

GCash Showcases AI-Powered Solutions
"AI has transformed marketing, especially in targeting, content creation, and performance evaluation," said Claude Gomez, GCash Head of Marketing Strategy and Insights. "With AI, marketing takes full advantage of the wide array of digital channels available today."
The GCash for Business Partner Solutions platform also offers effective marketing and data solutions, including Ad Solutions, Promo Solutions, Identity Solutions, and Green Solutions, to help businesses thrive in the digital age.
"At GCash, we have over ninety-four million users who engage with our app multiple times a day, using services from payments to investments and insurance. This data allows us to enhance customer experiences through hyper-personalization, improve operational efficiency, and access real-time insights," said Neil Trinidad, GCash Chief Marketing Officer.
"The adoption of AI in our digital ecosystem demonstrates GCash’s commitment to innovation," added Kay Lagman, GCash Partner Investment and Marketing Head. "Our partners can leverage these capabilities to future-proof their businesses in a constantly changing market landscape."

For more information, visit GCash Business Partner Solutions.

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