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itel A50 4G: Budget Smartphone for Students, Price at Only ₱3,199

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itel A50 4G

The itel A50 4G is a new budget smartphone that's perfect for students. It's easy on the wallet, but it comes with a very capable processor, plenty of storage space, and a large display. This makes it great for studying, browsing the web, and staying connected with friends.

itel A50 4G

Powered by a T603 octa-core LTE chipset, the itel A50 4G can deliver seamless performance, enabling smooth multitasking for online classes, research tasks, and entertainment. Its expansive 6.6-inch display enhances the educational experience, making it ideal for studying detailed notes, watching educational videos, and enjoying multimedia content.

The itel A50 4G offers up to 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, setting a new standard for smartphones in its price range under ₱3,500. This ample capacity ensures students can store all their study materials, favorite apps, and cherished memories without compromise.

The itel A50’s secure fingerprint sensor can unlock the phone in just 0.1 seconds, even with greasy or clammy hands, offering enhanced security and peace of mind for students. For additional protection, the A50 includes Face ID based on unique facial metrics. This provides a more secure phone unlocking experience, ensuring students' data and personal information are kept safe.

With its 8MP rear camera, the itel A50 4G can clearly capture study sessions, group projects, and memorable events.

Here are some key points about the itel A50 4G:

Affordable price of only ₱3,199
Fast processor
6.6-inch display
8GB of RAM
Up to 128GB of storage
8MP rear camera
Fingerprint sensor and Face ID

The itel A50 is price at only ₱3,199. it will be available starting June 19, 2024 at authorized itel retailers and online platforms nationwide.
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