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Synology Unveils Cutting-Edge Data Solutions at Synology Solution Exhibition 2024

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Synology has announced its latest innovations in data protection, management, and surveillance at the Synology Solution Exhibition 2024. These new solutions underscore Synology's commitment to innovation and user empowerment in the digital age.


The event showcased three new product lines: ActiveProtect data protection appliances, the GS series scale-out data storage and management platform, and Synology C2-powered cloud cameras.
"In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the ability to store, process, and harness data will define tomorrow's market leaders," said Philip Wong, Synology Founder and Chairman. "It is Synology's commitment to enable our users to achieve that through our continuous innovation and expansion on all fronts."
ActiveProtect Data Protection Appliances
The new ActiveProtect data protection appliances simplify deployment and sizing, allowing organizations to install, define global protection plans, and start safeguarding against ransomware and other threats in under 10 minutes.

Key features include:
  • A unified interface for managing up to 2,500 multisite deployments.
  • Globally applied immutability, retention, and protection policies.
  • A revamped backup engine with source-side global deduplication.
  • A global immutability architecture ensures top-notch backup and disaster recovery performance with minimal management.

GS Series Scale-Out Data Storage and Management Platform
The GS series is Synology's innovative scale-out data storage and management platform, built on an efficient and scalable architecture. It supports:
  • Clusters of up to 96 nodes
  • File and object protocols
  • Raw storage capacities of up to 20 PB
  • Up to 150,000 concurrent connections for Synology Drive and Office, meeting the growing demands for storage and productivity
The GS series features a new scalable operating system designed for non-disruptive operations and data integrity, transforming the way businesses and large organizations manage data.

C2 Surveillance Station: Video Surveillance as a Service
Expanding Synology's surveillance ecosystem, the C2 Surveillance Station and its companion C2 cameras offer secure cloud video surveillance, ideal for environments unsuitable for local recording servers.

Features include:
  • Quick deployment in minutes.
  • Comprehensive privacy and security options.
  • Multi-layer end-to-end encryption ensures that only authorized users with the encryption key can access videos.
  • Edge AI for fast, localized detection of people, vehicles, and intrusions.
Synology will release the standalone C2 Surveillance Station solution later in 2024. Additionally, the existing C2 Surveillance hybrid cloud dual recording service will be renamed to C2 Backup for Surveillance for better identification.
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