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HONOR Introduces AI Defocus Eye Protection and Deepfake Detection at MWC Shanghai 2024

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HONOR-MWC Shanghai 2024

At the MWC Shanghai 2024 keynote, titled “The Human-AI Synergy: Intelligent Devices Will Empower People Better,” HONOR showcased AI Defocus Eye Protection and AI Deepfake Detection. Two innovative on-device AI technologies designed to enhance user safety and experience.

HONOR-MWC Shanghai 2024

Revolutionizing Eye Protection with AI
HONOR's AI Defocus Eye Protection aims to tackle the rising cases of nearsightedness due to prolonged screen time. This technology uses AI to mimic the effect of defocus glasses on a device's display. Defocus glasses create controlled blur in the peripheral vision, helping to maintain clear central vision and slowing the eye elongation process that leads to nearsightedness.

The AI Defocus Eye Protection feature has demonstrated a significant reduction in transient myopia, with users experiencing an average decrease of 13 degrees after 25 minutes of reading. Some users saw reductions as high as 75 degrees, showcasing the potential for this technology to move beyond prevention to providing relief.

Combating Digital Fraud with AI Deepfake Detection
To address the growing threat of deepfake technology, HONOR has developed AI Deepfake Detection. This feature analyzes elements such as eye movement, lighting, image clarity, and video playback to detect subtle flaws that indicate digital manipulation.

Trained on an extensive dataset of videos and images associated with online scams, the AI can identify and compare content within three seconds. If synthetic or altered content is detected, the user receives an immediate risk warning, helping to prevent engagement with potential scammers.

HONOR's latest AI advancements highlight the brand's commitment to human-centric technology, providing personalized services while safeguarding user privacy.
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