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Philippine Firms Urged to Enhance Cybersecurity Measures

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Recent data breaches have highlighted the vulnerabilities of businesses in the Philippines, raising concerns about their cybersecurity readiness. Despite the global rise in sophisticated cyberattacks, only 1% of Filipino companies are well-equipped to defend themselves.

This weakness is due to a reluctance to adopt advanced cybersecurity measures, which are often seen as too complex. However, cybersecurity firm Yondu stresses the importance of overcoming this hesitation to ensure robust data security for businesses and their customers.


Dennis Sanchez, Chief Information Security Officer at Yondu, emphasizes the need for a collaborative community to share threat intelligence. "In our country, there isn't a central source for all the information on threats. We're not united in our approach, and that's something we need to build," Sanchez explains. He advocates for a cooperative environment where experiences and threat patterns can be shared to better predict and prevent future attacks.

Yondu provides comprehensive Managed Security Services (MSS) to help Philippine businesses strengthen their cybersecurity. These services cover various security aspects, including monitoring, detection, and incident handling. 

"Traditionally, you set up defenses to detect and respond to attacks quickly," Sanchez says. "But you also need proactive measures like vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and staying informed about the latest threats. Instead of just waiting for attacks, you should test your own systems and use up-to-date techniques. Understand what hackers are doing and apply those methods to your own defenses."

Sanchez shares a success story to illustrate the effectiveness of proactive measures. "During the Christmas season, our early threat intelligence gathering and proactive threat hunting allowed our clients to remain secure and enjoy their holidays without interruption."

Yondu's approach ensures that each business gets solutions tailored to its unique needs, simplifying technology and making it more effective. For proactive measures such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, they deploy a specialized VAPT team. To understand and predict future attacks, they use advanced threat intelligence capabilities and conduct threat hunting to uncover potential threats that existing security systems might miss.

Adopting these cybersecurity solutions offers businesses both immediate and long-term benefits, including enhanced protection, reduced risk of data breaches, and improved operational continuity. Customized cybersecurity helps businesses feel more secure online and protects their valuable assets from cyberattacks.
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