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vivo V21 Series A Closer Look at the new Portrait Master Smartphones!

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vivo V21 Series

vivo launches its much-awaited V21 Series in the Philippines, further cementing its brand rapport with the growing tribe of loyal vivo consumers. the new flagship V21 5G and the V21e are now available in all vivo stores nationwide.

vivo V21 Series

The vivo V21 5G is the thinnest 5G-capable selfie smartphone in the market today, while the V21e is just as gorgeous at 7.38mm. Both devices have what it takes for creating fun, professional-looking portraits.

The V21 5G is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G Processor, clocked up to 2.4GHz. Even at massive CPU speeds, the processor is engineered for balance and efficiency. This allows users to enjoy a superb 5G experience and great power efficiency for longer battery life. The same hard-working processor is also what enables the phone’s large cameras, along with built-in imaging accelerators, and noise reduction technology, to jointly work their magic during photography and video capture sessions.

While the V21e is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, reputed for being a game-centric, 8-core chipset that fully supports advanced camera, graphics processing, and entertainment features, as well as fast charging and power-efficient performance. A true workhorse, this CPU is what gets the phone primed and ready for quick app launches, including spur-of-the-moment fun camera sessions.

Both the V21 5G and V21e use 8GB + 3GB Extended RAM technology. This means that, as an 8GB phone, it can readily tap on the internal storage for 3GB of additional memory space for RAM. This feat allows the user to run more apps at once, at consistently fast speeds. Both phones pack a 4000mAh battery, with 33W FlashChage.

The V21 5G, sporting a width of just 7.29mm, easily stands out as the thinnest 5G-capable smartphone in the market today. It’s available in Sunset Dazzle and Dusk Blue (AG Matte Glass). The V21e, meantime, is just as gorgeous, at 7.38mm width, in variants of Roman Black and Diamond Flare (Ultra-thin AG glass).

Delivering on the promise of being “the new portrait master”, the flagship V21 5G provide users with top-notch features like Dual Selfie Spotlight, Dual-View Video, and Ultra-Stable Selfie Video, all anchored on vivo’s reliable 44-megapixel OIS Self Portrait front camera, and its 64-megapixel OIS Night Camera.

On the other hand, the much-more affordable vivo V21e, enables users to enjoy fun photography with Super Night Selfie, Dual-View Videos, and Motion Autofocus, back by its 44-megapixel Eye Autofocus Self Portrait camera, and 64MP Night Camera.

Both devices boast top-notch AMOLED displays with HDR10+ certification. The V21 5G features a 90Hz refresh rate, while the V21e has a 60Hz refresh rate.

The new vivo V21 5G is priced at ₱23,999 and the V21E 4G comes with a ₱17,999 price tag. Those who purchase the V21E now until June 15, 2021 can get a very special treat—as much as ₱1,000 off, bringing the price to only ₱16,999.

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