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Go Shopping Philippines - Pinoy Mega E-commerce App

Go Shopping Philippines

While existing virtual shopping sites are proliferating especially with the surge of the pandemic, the Go Shopping Philippines (GSP Mall) sets itself apart in the E-commerce industry with its disruptive features.

Go Shopping Philippines

Imagine the convenience of having everything that a retail complex offers streamlined into an easily maneuverable online app. A digital promenade that promises to give you the best retail experience you can have without getting lost in the din of variety, the ultimate digital lifestyle you want, all in the convenience of your own comfort zones.

Aside from the usual consumer goods such as apparel, fashion Accessories, jewelry, and the likes, GSP Mall provides access to the other aspects of the Mall from furniture and home furnishings to food beverages, fresh produce, and other supermarket products, as well as essential services such as medical, dental, and veterinary services, architectural and interior design, carpentry, and upholstery services, sewing and embroidery, etc. Then, a huge travel Booking facility is ushered in by the Mall, in partnership with mega travel apps and tourism boards, and reputable travel agencies.

Even more exciting are the pioneering features of the Go Shopping Philippines E-Commerce app which include entertainment application systems such as GFlix, Go Live, Go Cineplex, and Go TV.

GFlix is GSP’s movie on demand much like Netflix. GFlix will allow subscribers to enjoy binge-worthy shows giving access to local and international films through a mobile phone and a smart TV. With easy design features, GFlix will provide unlimited access to films and a library of contents.

GoLive is the newest live streaming platform for events, meetings, conventions, exhibitions, etc. Go live increases real-time user engagements and attracts more online audiences with the fastest and most secured live content streaming, maximizing online data to provide more opportunities for various types of audiences.

GO CINEPLEX is a 3D virtual cinema that provides a state-of-the-art digital lobby accessible for online visitors and expected guests. Go CINEPLEX has multiple halls, a secured online ticketing system, high-quality audio, and video setup, and accessibility to the web and mobile users that can bring people together to share theater shows, live presentations, and events

Besides these aforesaid features, GSP has its own online television channel called GoTV which will air a variety of TV programs on a 24/7 basis. GoTV is the very first TV in the very first digital mall in the country, that is out to set a good start, delivering your favorite television content wherever you are using your mobile phone.

Smart Logistics is another feature of the Go Shopping mega App. Smart Logistics aggregates all the third-party couriers in the country with warehouse and delivery services in one. It covers small to medium enterprises making it the best logistics business solution cutting across all industries.

PayNETS, on the other hand, is one feature of GSP Mall that offers a one-stop-shop online payment solution. GSP has partnered with the biggest and most reputable payment centers, banks, and nonbank financial technology companies - PayNETS provides excellence in leveraging business online transactions.

Once completed later this year, consumers will have the cities, the countryside, and the islands at their fingertips. They can simply roam around and find what they are looking for, purchase anything they need, and pay with cash on delivery or whatever payment system they have on hand, may it be a credit card, using other payment portals, or a bank-to-bank transfer, whichever is convenient to them.

Moreover, the entire GSP system, though already tremendously secure as a whole, has been designed to ensure that, in the worse scenario that there is an attempt to breach one part of the entire eco-system, only that part of the whole ecology is breached and the rest has the ability to “lock” themselves from attack.

The entire system architecture has provided a resident fraud detection system beyond the usual firewalls.

As far as its response to the market is concerned, the GSP has its own ERP system that will automate practically every enterprise process including warehousing and logistics.

It also has evolved its own Analytics program that provides the Mall and its merchants the facility to analyze statistics and market demographics.

Go Shopping Philippines is also being true to its Filipino identity. The Company’s goals include establishing cooperation with government agencies, local government units, and NGOs to promote the culture and beauty of the Philippines and its people. According to GSP’s Brand Manager, Dan B. Sola, GSP always considers the past, present, and future cultural milieu of our land and our people.

Although the soft launch will not cover all phases of the app yet because the Food Hall, Fresh Produce, and Express Services will open in the following month – (August), the app can already be downloaded starting July 16, and the general functionality of the entire system is set for smooth access to would be shoppers and merchants.

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