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LG OLED TV Technology Lights Up Your World


The award-winning OLED technology from LG has evolved. LG has reengineered its TV range to deliver an even better viewing experience, as part of its ongoing effort to provide the greatest viewing experience possible.

The 2021 line of OLED TVs builds upon its predecessor's success, incorporating winning elements while improving other features. Self-lit pixels have evolved to allow even more spectacular picture quality and a whole host of design possibilities, while the latest cutting-edge technologies help deliver unprecedented levels of wonder. This is everything you love about TV elevated in every way.

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The LG OLED Evo establishes a new standard. The next-generation OLED screen has been modified with an additional layer and a stronger emissive material. This optimizes the panel's structure, refining light wavelengths and boosting efficiency. As a consequence, the image is brighter and clearer, with enhanced content clarity – not only has the display changed but so has your viewing experience.

LG’s new OLED TV offers a view found nowhere else. Its best features can be summed up with 4S. It provides a Sharp Picture that rivals that of the big screen. In fact, the unparalleled picture quality was honored by film experts at the 72nd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards. For gaming, it offers Swift Response. LG’s OLED TV has an extremely low input lag with an incredible 1ms response time similar to actual gaming monitors. This ensures that every move you input on the controller is displayed instantly on-screen, giving you a vital edge over opponents and a better chance of winning. Sports lovers will also love its Smooth Motion.

Because LG OLED TVs have self-lit pixels that illuminate one by one, they can display fast-moving sports with less blur than backlit LED TVs. OLED Motion Pro inserts black data of adaptive duration to reduce motion blur. This delivers smoother action and a clearer viewing experience than before, allowing you to witness the quick and subtle detail of every play, in every type of sport. Finally, LG OLED has a Slim Design that can blend into any interior.

The LG OLED Gallery Design TVs have a profile so slim that it appears stuck to your wall. It hangs flush like a work of art, elevating your home interior like no other TV can.


LG continues to provide huge promos and deals to ensure that Filipinos can avail premium line of LG products in their homes. LG OLED Madness Discount promo is still ongoing until August 31, 2021. Aside from this, LG's Life's Good Festival also offers the best appliances and electronics bundled together with special prizes and giveaways.

It doesn’t just end there, LG also gives huge raffle items to sweeten up the deal for their customers. Every purchase of eligible OLED models will automatically be entered into a monthly raffle where over 1 million Pesos worth of LG items will be given away.

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