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PLDT Home Launches an all-new Fibr Plans up to 1000 Mbps!

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PLDT Home's new Fibr Plans with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps make it easier for families to stay productive, engaged, and connected. They can play, work, learn, and earn more at home.

Subscribers of PLDT Home may now enjoy improved home internet coverage, as the new Fibr Plus Plans include a wireless mesh network that eliminates dead spots for a seamless digital experience. It uses smart home technology that allows devices to automatically detect and connect to the fastest router in less than a second, whether the user is moving from one room to another.

With speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, every member of the family can stream simultaneously on several devices, ensuring they never miss an episode of their favorite web show. Parents who are busy with their careers or enterprises, or children who are immersed in online learning, can keep on top of everything thanks to PLDT Home's symmetrical upload and download speeds, which enable them to update in real-time, make uninterrupted video conversations, and easily exchange huge files.

In homes equipped with smart home devices, Fibr Plus Plans can provide seamless connections to ensure that everything is running as it should—from CCTVs for security to robot vacuum cleaners that highly depend on connectivity—all the time.


The wifi mesh network also ensures online safety for its users as it is equipped with simple and intuitive parental controls so that families can keep themselves, especially the children, safe when they go online.

It also helps subscribers to keep their passwords safe from unwanted users as it can assign a guest wifi which can have a different network name and password from the main users at home. Ultimately, the wifi mesh network enables subscribers to manage and monitor their family’s internet usage easily through a mobile app even when they are away from home.

PLDT Home subscribers can stay strongly connected at home as the new Fibr Plus plans come at different speeds that suit every family’s needs. Existing PLDT Home subscribers who want to upgrade to the new Fibr plans can also enjoy free installation and modem fees.

With the new Fibr Plans, Filipinos can enjoy upgraded digital experiences with the fastest internet connections and the best coverage at home. To know more about PLDT Home’s new Fibr plans, visit

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