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Go Shopping Philippines Virtual Mall Launched

Go Shopping Philippines

As the number of cashless transactions is expected to double by 2025-2030, Go Shopping Philippines (GSP) introduced a new virtual mall that offers safe, quality purchases and a digital lifestyle unmatched by existing E-commerce apps.
It is now possible to order products online and have them delivered to your doorstep via the Go Shopping Philippines app on your smartphone. The logistics system combines third-party couriers, storage, and delivery. Concerning security, GSP offers an ERP system that automates corporate procedures like storage and logistics.

GSP Chief Executive Officer Neil G. La-as envisioned even as early as 2019 a big digital mall that offers the quality products that consumers well deserve. He believes online transactions do not need to be disappointing as many consumers experience. They expect value for their money despite doing the orders before actually seeing them. Knowing such frustrating experiences from online purchases as he himself experienced it, La-as said GSP ensures its merchants are committed to providing a global standard of services. GSP’s E-commerce site requires merchants to provide certifications on the authenticity of the products to be sold in the GSP Mall.

Consumers can now enjoy the digital mall experience they always imagined thanks to a partnership with GEP known to be a builder of huge E-commerce sites. In reality with technological innovations, this is now possible. It should satisfy consumers who seek value for money.

GSP also uses AI advancements. Its Analytics Program helps retailers sell things based on data, analytics, and demographics. An anti-fraud mechanism and firewalls protect GSP Mall transactions. Its dual security methods ensure that even if a cyber-attack is successful, only a segment of the ecosystem is harmed not the entire ecosystem. Because the digital mall systems' components can self-lock.

To protect GSP users, a verification method is essential to ensure the transaction is made by a real person. During the KYC (know your customer) process, the user is required to snap a picture with a copy of his valid ID.

The capabilities of the giant app are all-encompassing, leaving one with nothing to ask for even in the midst of the pandemic's lockdowns. A classic brick and mortar business would house diagnostic clinics, gallery and museum services, tailoring services, legal and other professional services. Queues for these are no more. The GSP mall will have them all at a much faster access.

These services will be given in phases. This soft launch includes four intriguing new features and services that will be given in phases. This soft launch includes four exciting features.

⦁ GFlix offers on-demand movies — both local and international films.
⦁ GO LIVE is a livestreaming tool for events and conferences.
⦁ GO CINEPLEX is a 3D virtual theater with several halls, safe online tickets, and high-quality audio and video setup. It allows individuals to feel warm while watching virtual theatre and live events. Fashion displays and sporting events can now be viewed on demand.
⦁ The Philippines' first giant digital mall will have its own GoTV. It will soon be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will broadcast selected TV shows that can be accessed via mobile phone.

GSP has also partnered with mega travel apps, travel agencies, and tourism boards so that anyone can book his travels in the fastest, most convenient means.

GSP Mall has teamed with payment centers, banks, and fintech (financial technology) firms (GCash, Paymaya, and others) to provide the ultimate in online payment convenience.

With GSP's collaborations, even government services can be accessed via smartphones, such as renewing passports or licenses, getting a PAGIBIG or Social Security System ID, applying for clearances, and accessing public documents.

Despite its strength on globalization, giving one access to almost all types of product services, as well as embracing global brands yet going local is also a reverberating theme for GSP Mall.

The Philippines' first giant digital mall will contain a trade space for SMEs (MSME). This allows small businesses to join the global supply chain. GSP Mall now includes micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSME) in the supply chain. Aside from helping these small businesses sell their products, everyone can now access their particular crafts and services. Every GSP Mall user will be able to access goods from small manufacturers all around the Philippines. It must be a dream come true to have items one could only appreciate when traveling. It could be Davao durian sweet, Cebu mango-tamarind, Bicol pili tart, or Bukidnon Arabica coffee.

The GSP Mall's merchant list will be long, as predicted by the “long tail” theory two decades ago. GSP Mall's unique selling point is not simply its capacity to deliver everyone's favorite products in their original state.

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