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Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ - Just got more Exciting!

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus just got more exciting with the introduction of face-down frenzied Pokémon nobles! Also, it just got more exciting with the introduction of face-down frenzied Pokémon nobles!

Lords and ladies are two exceptional types of Pokémon in Hisui that have significantly more power than regular Pokémon. The locals revere these Pokémon nobles. But now, for some weird reason, they've gone insane. But the cause of these instances remains a mystery. These Pokémon are difficult to control once enraged, forcing Hisui to seek assistance from the Galaxy Expedition Team.

Pokemon fans may check out the Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer here https://youtu.be/aDS03i_Yr0Q.

As members of the Survey Corps, players must calm the nobles' rages in many ways: Beating them in a Pokémon fight won't help. To calm the agitated Pokémon, players must use their skills and balms produced from their favorite foods.

Now, players must stay alert because the nobles will relentlessly unleash powerful attacks. As players wait for an opening for a counter attack, they must learn how the nobles move, gauge the timings of their attacks and dodge them effectively. The moment an opportunity arises, players must hit them with as many balms as they can!

Just like with throwing a Poké Ball, the balms will fly truer if aimed carefully before they are thrown at the nobles. The moment the nobles are vulnerable, players must take advantage by initiating a Pokémon battle! Throwing a Poké Ball containing one Pokémon will initiate a battle.

While nobles are formidable opponents, defeating them in a battle will cause them to be temporarily dazed, making it easier for players to hit them with more balms and gain the upper hand! During the Pokémon battles, the players’ reflexes, as well as their skills, will surely be tested when engaging these lord and lady Pokémon!

Keep a look out for Kleavor! Scyther evolved into this Pokémon due to minerals found in Hisui. Parts of its body are stone. Kleavor with several battles will have bigger chipping across their bodies. The chipping sharpens the stone components, improving their slicing strength. It is reported that the Hisui used stone from Kleavor to make implements.

Then there are the wardens who service the special Pokémon, whom the Hisui people revere. Wardens are in charge of these Pokémon. The wardens are expected to protect the special Pokémon by patrolling their territory and providing food and water as needed.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Mai is the first warden the players will meet. She is in charge of an Obsidian Fieldlands Wyrdeer. She and her companion, Munchlax, grew up as siblings. 

Lian is the Obsidian Fieldlands' lord's warden. He is a talented young man who has been made a warden. He admires Kleavor for its strength and coolness. Iscan, the warden, lives by the sea and looks over a unique Basculegion. He is a kind man, despite his shyness. But he's easily scared and dislikes Ghost-type Pokémon. Warden Arezu is recognized for her zest. As a warden, she feels a lot of responsibility and often tries to address problems alone. She is in charge of a certain Pokémon lady.

Players can ride Pokémon across vast, wild landscapes in this adventure! After accepting the player's merit, some special Pokémon in Hisui will assist. The Celestica Flute, is a mystery instrument passed down through centuries of Hisui's people. The Celestial Flute allows users to call these unique Pokémon for a ride. Riders can travel quicker on land, cross water, or even fly. These Pokémon can assist players to explore the Hisui region by increasing their landscape options. These special Pokémon are known as Wyrdeer, Basculegion, and Hisuian Braviary.

For more information and updates, visit https://legends.pokemon.com/en-us/.

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