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Get into the habit of using Metrobank's Debit Card

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With how the world has changed over the past year, cashless transactions have become more of a necessity and a preferred payment option for most consumers. Using debit cards is one of the simplest and most practical methods to go cashless.
A debit card is frequently used as a digital wallet that can be accessed at any time and from any location. Due to the widespread acceptance of debit cards at stores, payment facilities, and even online merchants, a debit card enables users to maintain their spending habits without the need to use actual currency.

Given the importance and convenience of cashless transactions in this era of physical distancing, Metrobank encourages consumers to #UseDebit in their daily purchases. A debit card is both convenient and lucrative because it enables contactless but secure payment methods while also providing access to exclusive perks and promotions. Develop the practice of optimizing the use of your debit card by taking advantage of the following benefits:

Preferred Payment
Nowadays, contactless payments are preferred, particularly from monthly billers. You can enroll your debit card with your billers to have your utility bills, streaming service subscriptions, and a variety of other bills paid automatically at specified periods of the month. Additionally, it is far more convenient to simply tap, swipe, or insert a card while shopping for essentials at the grocery or hardware store. The less time spent wrangling and exchanging cash, the lower the chance of contact.

Safety and Security
Debit cards include an EMV chip and a unique PIN to safeguard your personal information and financial operations. This chip technology encrypts your card many times to safeguard it from unwanted usage. As a reminder, cardholders should exercise caution when it comes to safeguarding their account information. Never give anyone your PIN, OTP, CVV, card expiration date, username, or password. Always exercise caution when using your card and keep it within your view. To provide an extra layer of protection, you can cover your CVV with a tape strip when not in use to prevent the details from being exposed to others.

Perks and Promos
With the Metrobank Prime Debit Mastercard, you may take advantage of monthly rebates and discounts when you shop at major online shopping portals, dining venues, and other partners. Utilize these benefits and you're certain to save a significant amount on your monthly expenses.

Using all of the financial tools available to you can bring a meaningful and positive impact to your money management. The debit card is one of these tools, so get into the habit, #UseDebit today.

To know more about the Metrobank Prime Debit Mastercard, you may visit

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