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Pale Blue Lithium Ion USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries Review

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Pale Blue Batteries

Batteries continue to be indispensable in today's modern lifestyle. In fact, most are disposable, with some being rechargeable but inefficient. Finally, Pale Blue Earth company offers USB rechargeable smart batteries.

Pale Blue Batteries

Batteries are useful for a variety of uses, however using AAA or AA batteries on a daily basis can become costly, particularly for toys, and rechargeable NiMH batteries are more expensive and inefficient to use, and it has not improved over the years.

Pale Blue Batteries

This brings us to Pale Blue Earth, a new startup company that offers an alternative to NiMh rechargeable batteries. Their Lithium-Ion USB rechargeable smart batteries charge 5x faster and last 5x longer than typical rechargeable batteries.

Built and Design
Pale Blue USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries come in standard sizes, which include AA and AAA batteries as well as C, D, and 9V batteries. It's available packaged in fours for AA and AAA batteries and two for C, D, and 9V batteries.

Pale Blue Batteries

While the Pale Blue batteries have a typical design, one notable feature is the presence of a micro-USB charging connector. How does that compare to other battery types? 

Pale Blue Batteries

To put this in perspective, the AA features a 1560mAh battery, which is significantly larger than the batteries found inside the majority of rechargeable headphones. While the AAA batteries have a capacity of 750mAh, which is also larger than the battery capacity of most TWS earbuds with case.

Pale Blue batteries can be used in the same ways as regular batteries in devices such as toys, radios, remote controls, and other electronic devices that require the power of AA or AAA batteries.

Pale Blue Batteries

Pale Blue has several nice features one of them is power stability. When a typical battery is used in battery-operated toys, radios, or lights, the battery's performance degrades as the battery's charge depletes. However, unlike Pale Blue batteries, it should be able to maintain a reasonable level of output until it runs out of charge. It also lasts longer with its larger battery capacity.

Pale Blue Batteries

Pale Blue batteries have minimal dormancy and self-discharge. This is one of the advantages of a lithium-ion battery with a control circuit over an alkaline or NiMH battery (no control circuit). Part of the battery life in dormancy, Heat, and humidity promote internal outflow. A battery in a gadget, such as an alarm clock, normally lasts about 12 months.

Unlike standard NiMh cells, which require a special battery charging station, Pale Blue features a micro-USB charging port and a charging cable with four connectors that allow for simultaneous charging of all four batteries.

Pale Blue Batteries

It has 1.5V so a standard wall charger or a powerbank can be used to juice up the Pale Blue batteries. Charging takes about 1 hour, it has an LED light that blinks up red when charging and it tuns to green when it's fully charged.

Pale Blue Batteries

It features an integrated safety circuit that protects the battery and device, against Overload, Leakage, Short Circuit, Over Voltage, & High Temperature.

Pale Blue Batteries

Pale Blue batteries are expected to last over 1,000 charge cycles, which is quite a lot of charging! Battery life is dependent on usage frequency; under typical conditions, it can last up to five or six years, which provides significant savings.

Pale Blue Lithium-Ion USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries Tech Specs:

Lithium-Ion Battery
1.12 Watt-hours Power
1.5V Voltage
(AAA )750 mAh / (AA) 1560 mAh Capacity
1000+ Cycle Rating
USB to 4 Micro USB cable
Integrated safety circuit protects battery and device
Protects against Overload, Leakage, Short Circuit, Over Voltage, & High Temperature
20c -> 60c, (-4F-> 140F) Operating Temperature Range
7g Battery Weight

Everyday, millions of batteries are thrown, and recycling them is quite difficult due to the way they are manufactured. Now, with Pale Blue batteries, you can contribute to environmental conservation while also saving money, as they last longer and charge electronics more efficiently. If you use a lot of batteries, this is more cost-effective than conventional Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, not to mention that it charges via micro-USB connection and charges 5x faster, and lasts 5x longer than conventional rechargeable batteries

The AAA Pale Blue USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries retails for ₱1,490, while the AA retails for ₱1,790 and comes in a 4-pack, it's available locally via

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