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HUAWEI P50 Pro and P50 Pocket: Pricing and Pre-Order Details

HUAWEI P50 Pro and P50 Pocket
Huawei announces the pre-order details of the flagship HUAWEI P50 Pro and foldable P50 Pocket in the Philippines. Both are equipped with the latest imaging technology and designed in collaboration with Iris van Herpen.

The HUAWEI P50 Pro and P50 Pocket introduces a new True-Form Dual-Matrix camera system which offers a perfect combination of form and function and is equipped with advanced imaging processors, HUAWEI XD Optics and XD Fusion Pro Image Engine.

The Huawei P Series is a great choice for professional and amateur smartphone photographers. With the HUAWEI P50 Pro's camera technology, users can expect high photo quality and speed. Multi-lens technology, HUAWEI XD Optics, and HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro Engine combines to deliver an incredibly versatile mobile imaging solution for photography and videography.

HUAWEI P50 Pro and P50 Pocket

The P50 Pro's Dual-Matrix Camera System captures images with enhanced clarity and dynamic range, aided by HUAWEI XD Optics and XD Fusion Pro Image Engine. The camera is designed to take low-light, close-up, and zoom images with ease. A telephoto lens with updated capabilities can capture photos in detail, clarity, and better distinguish between far and close objects.

The P50 Pro's XD Fusion Pro solution provides true-to-life imagery with outstanding clarity and versatility, allowing for a 200x zoom capability. It also has AIS Pro image stabilization and 4K video recording across the whole focal range.

The P50 Pro is also stylishly light, with a large display and a slim body that is comfortable to carry. The HUAWEI P50 Pro has a 6.6-inch display, an overall thickness of 8.5 mm, a 4360mAh battery, and a weight of about 195g. With up to 120 Hz refresh rate and 300 Hz touch sampling rate, users can enjoy a smooth and responsive experience.

HUAWEI P50 Pro and P50 Pocket

HUAWEI P50 Pocket
The P50 Pocket, the newest member of the P Series, continues a heritage of aesthetic excellence with a unique design on its exterior casing that elegantly combines light and shadow. The HUAWEI P50 Pocket strikes a fine balance between portability and function, combining innovation and craftsmanship.

The P50 Pocket is Huawei's fourth key hinge design breakthrough. It has an industry-exclusive Multi-Dimensional Hinge Design and a more precise and polished water drop-shaped design. The All-New Multi-Dimensional Hinge Design provides a high bending radius, less stress on the screen, and eliminates the enormous folding gap. This design makes the phone slimmer and the backless convex. Most importantly, when folded, the phone has a seamless fit with no obvious crease when unfolded.

The P50 Pocket packs a 40MP True-Chroma Camera, a 13 MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera with a 120-degree wide field of view, and a 32 MP Ultra Spectrum Camera. It features rear camera portrait selfie algorithms and uses the big camera sensor to boost low light performance.

The P50 Pocket introduces an all-new Sunscreen detection function. The smartphone’s Cover Screen supports the display of notifications, schedule, calendar, music, weather, and control of other features. And It also supports maximum privacy when the device is folded, automatically disabling its cameras, microphone, and location, and re-enables them upon unfolding.

The P50 Pocket folds seamlessly into an ultra-slim, lightweight body that is comfortable to hold and fits easily in a purse. Unfolded, it offers a generous 6.9-inch, 21:9 display. It also has a pixel density of 442ppi and supports 1.07 billion colors and the P3 wide color gamut – providing incredible color authenticity and pristine picture quality.

Pricing and Availability
The HUAWEI P50 Pro is priced at ₱52,999 and it comes with FREE HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 worth ₱7999 when you buy from February 4 until February 10, 2022. While the HUAWEI P50 Pocket in White is priced at ₱69,999 and the Premium Edition has a price tag of ₱86,999 it comes with FREE HUAWEI Watch 3 worth ₱18,999. It's available on Huawei online store, Lazada, and Shopee.

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