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First Garena Blockman Creator Contest “GO Creator: Party Time!” Launched

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Garena Blockman GO

Garena Blockman GO, the sandbox creation game that lets players express their creativity through role-playing, discovering new experiences, and building their own minigames, has launched its first patch update.

Garena Blockman Go

First Garena Blockman Creator Contest
The first Garena Blockman Creator contest, "GO Creator: Party Time!" is currently online and invites participants to create minigames. Creators can submit games using the free Garena Blockman Editor. Outstanding competitors will become Garena partner-creators, getting exposure and exclusive support to further their skills. Ingenious entries can win 17 honors and $5,000 in cash.

The contest webpage has details about "GO Creator: Party Time!" here:

Garena Blockman GO

Battle in out in Frontline
Frontline is a new multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game that supports up to 60 players each battle. Players can anticipate intense combat. Choose to play alone or with up to four other players and put your abilities to the test on a battlefield map that pits two opposing factions against one another. Frontline offers a diverse selection of characters, weapons, and abilities that will test players' wits and give engaging team-based action.

Garena Blockman GO

Explore the refreshed Free City RP
The new patch update will also refresh a number of minigames, including Free City RP, where participants will be transferred to a freshly constructed town with 17 new structures, including a police department and fire station. Spray painting has been added and tuned to promote player involvement in the Garena Blockman GO community. More bold players can skateboard through Free City.

New in-game event Cyber Fest
To celebrate Garena Blockman GO's premiere, Cyber Fest was added. Players can explore the cyber-styled street and win exclusive rewards by locating and interacting with their favorite influencers and personalities through their in-game avatars, which will provide suggestions about their favorite minigames. Philippine players can also interact with an AMPLFY influencer.

On July 16, Garena Blockman GO will celebrate Peak Day with a range of events and awards. Meanwhile, users can watch unique CG footage and trailers on Garena Blockman GO's YouTube site. Follow the newest news on Garena Blockman GO. Creators may get Garena Blockman Editor online.

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