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Huawei's Newest Matebook Arriving this July 2022!

Huawei's New Matebook

HUAWEI is set to launch its new laptops this July 27, 2022. It will feature larger screens, more powerful performance, and expanded HUAWEI smart-ecosystem Super Device technology!

HUAWEI’s hugest, most powerful laptops to date
Huawei is going BIG with these new laptops, however, not all details are out yet. The laptops were rumored to feature among of the largest screens on the market, delivering amazing eye comfort and screen area for all of your workplace demands. Backed with equally large processors, they would outdo every previous MateBook on speed and power.

Huawei's New Matebook

And if you're a loyal HUAWEI user, you'll also benefit from integrating its features with any other device in the HUAWEI ecosystem. With HUAWEI's Super Device technology, you will be able to command the entire HUAWEI Smart Office from these new MateBooks. These forthcoming MateBook laptops may be HUAWEI's knockout tour de force of 2022. HUAWEI has always sought for excellence and value.

Catering especially to content creators and office professionals
The new MateBook is designed for HUAWEI's core audience and supporter base: intelligent consumers who seek quality and the best value. Riding high on the release of other products

HUAWEI continues to push itself, as evidenced by the MatePad 10.4 for on-the-go artists and the nova 9 for emerging influencers receiving fantastic reviews throughout the year. The new laptops are expected to be tremendous advantages for customers who undertake demanding projects and make significant changes.

From a brand like HUAWEI, the sky is the limit
As the July 27 launch nears, Huawei is excited to share even more features as well as other exciting new products for HUAWEI Smart Office! Stay tuned as more details drop over the coming days! 

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