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RG Manabat & Co. Innovation Summit 2022: Innovating for the Future

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Innovation Summit 2022

An organization is only as good as its people. Now celebrating its 15th Anniversary, RG Manabat & Co. owes its strong growth and drive to develop innovative and relevant professional services is its passion for people.

A key personality behind the firm’s steady growth is Emmanuel “Noel” Bonoan, RG Manabat & Co.’s Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, and Head of Advisory.

Bonoan's business expertise and knowledge are supported by vast and exceptional experience in transforming and digitizing businesses. As a former undersecretary of the Department of Finance, he has advised and continues to advise prominent local and multinational firms from various trade and industry organizations. This mastery, both theoretical and practical, has made him an ideal partner in guiding businesses through digital transformation, with a focus on artificial intelligence, automation, and analysis. Noel's interest in how all things digital can fuel an organization's growth and assist in risk management has contributed significantly to the company's ongoing digital transition, he emphasizes.

“Digital transformation should not be looked at as a cost-center, but as an investment and strategy that will ensure that a company differentiates itself against strong competition,” he begins. “As experts in the field, we have been working on this for years so that we can help our clients take advantage of the benefits that new and emerging technologies bring. By leveraging on new digital tools that provide meaningful insights through data and analytics, management can take a more in-depth and strategic approach towards growth.”

As a digital trailblazer, Bonoan's passion for innovation is evident in the manner in which he leads and communicates, making him instrumental in putting the organization at the forefront of utilizing Artificial Intelligence in the Philippines. Bonoan opened the recent World FinTech Festival (WFF) plenary session with a discussion regarding The Ascent of Intelligent Automation. He was also a panelist on Business World's online session, Inspiring Courage: Leading in Uncertain Times, where he discussed KPMG's commitment to clients, people, and communities in the Philippines. Among other organizations, he presently serves on the board of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) and advocates for empowering the next generation. In addition, he promotes sharing the firm's and its stakeholders' AI-related journeys and experiences as part of the Digital Pilipinas initiative, a movement that is moving the country toward a brighter future by leveraging globally competitive technology and innovation.

“At the end of the day, we want to free our people from routine work so they can devote more time to drawing intelligent insights from robot-aided operations—boosting both organizational efficiency and safety.” Bonoan shares.

He also discusses the heightened cybersecurity threats due to an increasing reliance on technology brought on by the pandemic and the firm leverages its strengths and expertise in helping build a solid cyber defense plan for its clients. Bonoan reiterates, "Certainly, cyber security provides customers and business owners with a sense of security. We are all concerned with stakeholder satisfaction, which also highlights the importance of raising customer experience standards in businesses."

On Innovating and Moving Forward
“I am excited about how we can help organizations innovate and transform their operations. There is a lot of potential that can be unlocked through the effective use of digital tools.”

As the Philippine member firm of KPMG, our expertise and knowledge in technology is backed by KPMG Lighthouse, its Center of Excellence for data, analytics, artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, and other emerging technologies across their Audit, Tax and Advisory services. RG Manabat & Co. is therefore uniquely positioned with ultra-powerful platforms to offer a clear and sustained digital advantage to virtually every kind of business.

RG Manabat & Co. offers audit and assurance, tax, advisory, and technology consulting services. With the shifting perspectives on technology and how it can transform lives and businesses for the better, the firm is prepared and excited to help its stakeholders take advantage of the opportunities in this space.

Join the company, along with many other industry leaders, this coming July 20, 21, 26, and 27, for a discussion on topics like artificial intelligence, cyber security, and digital transformation in a company will be held at the KPMG’s Innovation Summit 2022. To register, visit: https://forms.microsoft.com/r/mSatTEu66c

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