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This Cherry Clothes Dryer has an Ionizer for Drying Your Clothes!

Cherry Clothes Dryer

Enhance your protection with the Cherry Clothes Dryer Ionizer. It eliminates germs and unpleasant odors and emits 5 million healthy ions that kill harmful bacteria, dust, and germs to ensure the total sanitization and cleanliness of your clothes.

Cherry Clothes Dryer

Not enough outdoor space to dry clothes? Why not do it indoors? The Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer makes it possible. It aids in drying your clothing and prevents viruses, germs, and bacteria from adhering to them by emitting 5 million healthy ions that effectively sanitize and disinfect, ensuring that they are clean and safe to wear!

The Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer enables 360˚ heat circulation which can dry your clothes fast, way more efficient than hanging them in front of an electric fan. As this graduation season may also be quite unique due to the pandemic, it pays to stay extra protected. Simple washing and drying cannot completely remove all harmful germs and bacteria so good thing, this innovative home essential emits up to 5 million/cm3 negative ions that will keep your clothes disinfected.

In terms of organization, you can install the Cherry Clothes Dryer for the duration of the season and roll it throughout your area, or if you return to air-drying your clothing outside, you can disassemble it at any moment and store it beneath your couch.

Get the Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer now for only ₱3,500. For more information, visit Cherry Shop PH

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