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7 Technologies That are Empowering the Casino Industry

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7 Technologies

Both the retail and online gambling industries are experiencing significant changes thanks to incredible new technologies that are not just empowering online casino sites but many other non-gambling industries.

Currently, gambling in some or most forms is perfectly legal in many different countries, and one of these is the Philippines. The best online casinos rely on different emerging technologies to offer their players a safer, more reliable, and more immersive gaming experience. In the following sections, we look at seven great technologies empowering the global casino industry.

Payments in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology
Different technologies, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies, are one of the most crucial pathways to making online casinos and gaming sites in other parts of the globe more accessible. Most of the legal online casinos in the Philippines which offer modern, up-to-date payment mechanisms revolve around making payments via e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and bank transfers.

There is nothing wrong with making payments this way, but more and more players want to explore the opportunities only crypto-gambling offers. Making payments in cryptocurrencies is often easier and safer since crypto payment services do not need an intermediary, unlike standard payment options.

Closely related to crypto gambling is blockchain technology. iGaming operators relying on blockchain technologies are known for offering safer gaming sessions, and blockchain technology boasts a significantly higher encryption level. When it comes to online casinos in the Philippines, there are different options, and some of these rely on blockchain technologies and accept crypto payments.

7 Technologies

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
We cannot discuss emerging technologies that are empowering the whole gambling industry without mentioning Augmented and Virtual Reality. These two technologies are very similar, but there are some differences between AR and VR empowerment. In the most straightforward words, AR is just an enhanced version of the physical world, and every AR enhancement is achieved through different digital sound, visual, and other sensory stimuli.

Virtual Reality is a purely artificial environment that is created by the software. On gaming devices, VR is generally experienced through sound and sight. Currently, there are not many VR games available on the market, but more of these will be coming soon as technology evolves. If you are interested in trying your luck in a VR gambling environment, make sure you try your luck on the Gonzo’s Quest VR slot by

NetEnt. Regarding AR casinos, most regular games can easily incorporate different AR elements to offer more immersive gaming experiences.

Cloud Computing
Even though cloud computing is more embraced by companies and businesses that develop video games, similar cloud computing technologies can and will be empowered by the best online casinos that are constantly working on improving their services and products. Casino game networks are becoming very popular as well. These are remarkable online gambling ecosystems that combine services and products of different online casino sites.

Most casino game networks operating in the market today focus on different progressive jackpot slots. Registering and playing at such gaming environments gives you access to jackpot games offered by other legal online casinos. Thanks to the growing popularity of cloud computing in the video gaming industry, companies that develop gambling games can benefit from more development tools. For players, cloud computing means more accessible access to hundreds of different games.

5G Internet Service
According to a report by The Enterprisers Project, there were around ten million 5G internet connections back in 2019. According to the same account, the total number of 5G internet connections in the world will reach over one billion by the end of 2023.

There are numerous benefits of relying on 5G internet speeds for those who enjoy playing their favorite casino games online. First of all, 5G internet is safer and faster than using public Wi-Fi. Secondly, downloading high-quality casino software takes significantly less time. The quality of gaming is also considerably improved.

Essentially, thanks to 5G internet speeds, struggling with slow-loading games or lagging will not be a thing anymore. Philippines’ online casinos may not be the very first to add 5G Internet services, but this will happen eventually.

7 Technologies

Artificial Intelligence
One of the most exciting consequences of emerging technologies on the whole iGaming sector is the rise of Artificial Intelligence. This does not come up as a surprise considering the fact that AI will revolutionize many other industries, such as transportation, banking, finance, healthcare, and agriculture.

Artificial Intelligence technologies can be used in many different ways in the gambling industry. For instance, online casinos could rely on AI to identify individuals who are at risk of developing gambling-related issues. Essentially, AI could significantly reduce the overall number of individuals struggling with problem gambling.

Moreover, iGaming sites that already rely on AI technologies employ very sophisticated systems for collecting and tracking all users’ behavioral patterns. This way, operators have better tools for attracting and, of course, retaining players. Thanks to AI, operators can also reduce the number of unfair and rigged games and even prevent cheating players from profiting.

Live Streaming
Another technology that is empowering online casinos is live streaming. When Twitch appeared back in 2011, nobody could imagine how big of a trend it would become. Live streaming is prevalent among video gamers, but more and more online casino players sign up at sites and record their gaming sessions in real-time. Live streaming technologies opened the whole iGaming market to more individuals who are looking for new something new and different.

Twitch has a whole section dedicated to live casino streaming. It was built specifically to cater to those who want to stream in real-time their gaming sessions. YouTube is another popular live streaming platform for casino players. All in all, the live streaming trend was extremely popular back in 2021, and by all accounts, its popularity is not dying down in 2022.

Facial Recognition and Wearables
When it comes to land-based casinos, many modern venues rely on facial recognition technology to replace outdated reward cards. Operators that use this technology identify their customers without asking for a reward card or ID.

This saves everybody a lot of time. Modern wearable devices are also commonly used by employees and patrons at luxurious resorts. Wearables help employees communicate with each other even when they are swamped. Wearables also provide real-time location info, which once again enables better communication between employees.

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