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LG CordZero Vacuum: All in One Cleaning Solution

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LG CordZero

LG Philippines recently launched the newest version of its LG CordZero line. The cordless vacuum cleaner provides an all-in-one cleaning solution perfect for Philippine households.
LG CordZero

The LG CordZero all-in-one functionality exceeds existing cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. The CordZero A9 with All-in-One Tower is the first stick vacuum that charges, stores tools, and empties the dust bin automatically, all in one stylish docking station. Put the vacuum to its charging tower, place tools out of sight, and let Auto Empty empty the dust bin for you. So your hands stay clean along with your floors.

LG CordZero

The launch event simulated actual rooms so that the guests get a glimpse of how the CordZero performs in a real-world scenario. Alyssa Alipio – Emerging Product Manager and Jerome Martinez – Product Trainer of LG, together with LG brand ambassadors Daniel and Vanessa Matsunaga discussed and demoed the different features that the CordZero offers.

Using the CordZero makes cleaning easier. Clean more, clean for longer, and empty less with dependable suction force. Compared to other vacuum cleaners, the capacity of the dust bin is doubled thanks to Kompressor technology.

LG CordZero

The CordZero is also excellent for hardwood flooring. The Power Mop attachment cleans tile, hardwood, and vinyl with tap water alone; no special solutions or harsh chemicals are required. You can adjust the quantity of moisture from High to Low to Off (dry mopping) while the dual spinning microfibre pads perform the cleaning. Includes two sets of machine-washable pads and a detachable water tank for simple filling and emptying.

LG Managing Director Sungjae Kim expressed his excitement with the introduction of the new CordZero line, saying “It is a great honor for me to introduce another innovation from LG. Ever since one of LG’s goals is making things simpler and better for all... Our newest product, the CordZero All-in-One Tower, does exactly that.” 

LG Product Director for Home Appliances Jun Lee is confident that the CordZero will be a hit locally. “It builds on the strength of today’s technology and improves upon areas lacking. It is a true testament to LG’s commitment to technology, innovation, and improving the lives of customers.”

To know more about the LG CordZero visit https://www.lg.com/ph/vacuum-cleaners/lg-a9t-ultra. LG products are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide.

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