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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review: If Only the Battery Lasts Longer

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung's newest wearable, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5, focuses on health and wellness with intuitive insights, improved features, and more robust capabilities that users rely on every day.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the successor to last year's Galaxy Watch 4, with modest hardware and software improvements. in addition to the usual features and functions on your wrist. It comes with some exciting new capabilities, such as enhanced sleep tracking and more.

You can buy the 40mm Galaxy Watch5 for ₱13,990, while a 44mm model will set you back 15,990. The Galaxy Watch 5 is one of the best and most recommended wearables for Android devices, particularly for Samsung's ecosystem.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Specs

Size: 44mm | 40mm 
Sapphire crystal display
Armor Aluminum material
Sleep tracking
Body Composition
Route workout / Trackback
Bluetooth 5.2
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
410mAh | 284mAh battery
33.5g | 28.7g 

Design and Build
Similar to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is a slim and lightweight smartwatch. This watch is suitable for formal or informal occasions. All you have to do is swap out the strap to make it work with any outfit.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung has opted for Armor Aluminum instead of titanium for the casing of the Galaxy Watch 5. It is constructed from the same material as the Galaxy S22 series. Its smooth and lightweight material makes it pleasing to the touch, it's not a fingerprint magnet, and it has a premium feel. The Galaxy Watch 5 is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, the latter of which is ideal for men's wrists.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The band that comes with the Watch 5 is a new D-Buckle Sport band. The band is made of flexible silicone and can be quickly locked and unlocked. The new buckle is secure enough that it stays on the wrist even during workouts or daily activities.

The Watch 5 features a 1.4" Super AMOLED panel with a flat top case without a raised bezel for extra protection of the display, and the screen comes with a sapphire crystal that is 1.6 times harder. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The screen is bright and vivid, even when used outdoors. It supports a touch function for easy navigation which is responsive and easy to use. 

Galaxy Watch 5 Features
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which runs on One UI Watch 4.5 on top of Google Wear OS 3.5, is one of the best Android smartwatches today. On the Google Play Store, there is a good selection of native apps, and the user interface is simple and intuitive.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The watch offers a lot of customization, with plenty of watch faces to choose from in the app. There is a nice selection of watch faces that are informative and useful, as well as those that simply look nice but do not provide any actual information.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Galaxy Watch 5 is equipped with a BioActive sensor that measures heart rate, SpO2, and body composition via BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis). The watch not only calculates your body fat percentage but also gives you tips on how to achieve your fitness objectives, sends you reminders to drink water after working out, and much more. Although we're not sure of the precision of the data, the BMI readings appear accurate and are adequate for everyday use.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

While Samsung's Watch 5 does include a skin temperature sensor, it won't be usable until later in the year, according to Samsung. There is no update on the skin temperature sensor's functionality or its potential uses as of this writing.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

This watch also has improved sleep tracking, aside from tracking your sleep stages, like REM (rapid-eye movement), light, and deep sleep, as well as detecting possible sleep apnea, the sleep tracking of the Galaxy Watch 5 also gives you a sleep score after every night. Not only that it can also detect and record it you are snoring during sleep. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

In addition to tracking snoring and blood oxygen levels, the watch can learn your sleeping habits by calculating Sleep Scores based on how you sleep. Advanced Sleep Coaching on the watch provides a personalized, month-long roadmap to improving one's sleeping routine.

The Samsung Health app has become the standard for health-related functions on the latest Samsung devices. However, the ECG and blood pressure tracking functions are only compatible with Samsung's Heart Monitor app, which is only available on Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

When it comes to monitoring your daily activities, the Galaxy Watch 5 is highly automated. In fact, it can identify your workout's beginning and will start recording immediately. Samsung claims that it can keep track of more than 90 different activities without using the companion app.

The steps counter provides extensive data, including not only the total number of steps taken but also the distance covered, calories burned, the number of floors climbed, and the exact moment the walking activity began and ended. It's also a great way to plan out your daily activity and work towards certain objectives. The information is displayed in detail on the Samsung Health app.

Hardware and Connectivity

The Galaxy Watch 5 is powered by the same Exynos W920 dual-core chipset as the Galaxy Watch 4 from the previous year. Its performance is good, nothing spectacular, but we noticed a few small issues while the watch was still calibrating immediately following the initial setup.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Galaxy Watch 5 has 16GB of storage, of which you can use around 9GB. Even though it's not much in comparison to a smartphone, for a smartwatch, it's enough space for media including apps, watch faces, photos, and audio files. So, there is no need for extra storage and no reason to complain.

In terms of connectivity, the Galaxy Watch 5 features slight improvements over its predecessor. Particularly, Bluetooth is improved to version 5.2, which greatly improves the effectiveness of the connectivity. It also has WiFi and NFC.

Audio Quality and Haptics
The Galaxy Watch 5 supports making and receiving calls, and the sound quality is decent. The internal speaker may not be as high-quality as using a headset, but it gets the job done.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Having a haptic response is nice. It's not flimsy, but it lacks solidity, giving off quite tinny vibrations. Notifications are unlikely to be missed, so the choice goes down to personal preference.

Battery Life
Compared to its predecessors, the Galaxy Watch 5 features a larger battery. The Galaxy Watch 5's 40mm variant packs a 284mAh battery, while the 44mm model comes with a 410mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

So, what does this mean for actual battery life? As for how long it lasts, that's going to be dependent on how you personally use it. When we tested the 40mm variant of the Galaxy Watch 5, we were able to wear it for nearly a full day with all features and wireless connectivity enabled. if you wish to preserve battery life, it is advisable to carefully select which features you will use while wearing the watch, as well as the screen brightness and wireless connectivity.

It's disappointing that the battery only lasts for a day. Thankfully, Samsung has made significant improvements in the charging process. It's nice that the Galaxy Watch 5 now supports up to 10W charging, which is enough to charge more than 40% of the battery in just 30 minutes. Although it supports power savings, doing so will reduce the watch's functionality, which is less than ideal for a smartwatch.

Sadly, it does not work with wireless charging, which would have eliminated the need to lug around an additional charging cable.

Sporty design
Scratch-resistant screen
New skin temperature sensor
Comfortable to wear all-day and night
Featured packed watch
Fast charging
Cool Watch faces
Easy to replace the strap
UI is simple and easy to use

A bit expensive
Skin temperature not yet functional
Rubber strap (only one included)
Battery only lasts a day
Some features only work with Samsung Galaxy smartphones
No wireless charging support

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 It is a stylish, feature-packed smartwatch. Its key features, including premium crystal glass design and fast charging, as well as enhanced health monitoring, make this an excellent smartwatch. Samsung could develop a battery management system that can power the watch for at least two days, as its battery life is somewhat disappointing.

The addition of a skin temperature sensor (which, as of this writing, is not yet functional) is something to anticipate in terms of its capabilities. Because of its price, not everyone will be able to afford it, as there are other more reasonable alternatives, such as realme Watch 3, that also provide an excellent health monitoring feature. However, if you own a Samsung Galaxy device such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 as your daily driver, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a must-have wristwatch.

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