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PropertyAccess: Real Estate Market Disruptor

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PropertyAccess has pushed the boundaries of local and international real estate transactions and investments for over five years. Strengthening their position as one of the leading overseas real estate firms in Japan.

PropertyAccess discusses the recent trends in Property Technology (PropTech for short) and the potential impact of its technologies like property securitization and property virtualization on the real estate industry alongside their overall brand position in the local and overseas markets.


Andy Roberts, PropertyAccess' Chief Operations Officer, and Digital Co-Founder leads the discussion with PropertyAccess CEO Hiroki Kazato and CRO & Co-Founder Sheila Baylon.

Over the next five to ten years, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and 3D visualization will become increasingly important in all sectors of the property market as Web 3.0 evolves. Smart contracts, property securitization, and property virtualization are advancing the real estate business.

PropertyAccess' borderless transaction platforms are evolving alongside the web. They use a single database of content, translations, and data to deploy web assets from Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines quickly. They claim to identify properties faster, buy smarter, and contribute more to their local and international communities.

PropertyAccess has sold more than ₱3.6B worth of homes in the Philippines, registered $90M worth of properties in Southeast Asia, and worked with more than 70 companies around the world. Understanding global markets, especially Japan and South Korea, helped them reach these milestones.

Japanese businesses and private investors have bought Philippine office and residential buildings in mass since 2018. PropertyAccess, a Japanese-Singaporean corporation, has used this purchasing pattern and its Japanese market connections to complete many investment deals for Philippine partner developers. However, South Korea is a growing market for Philippine real estate. In 2021, PropertyAccess opened a South Korean division to tap into its untapped potential.

Philippine real estate is becoming more diverse.PropertyAccess created a website for Filipino property buyers and agents, using its extensive knowledge of local and global markets. It is intelligently developed for mobile users with weak to strong internet connections to accommodate thousands of unique website visitors in a country with high smartphone usage. has an elegant UI/UX, fast and relevant search results, and professionally curated, up-to-date property listings. Its real estate content is easy to obtain. For a premium and trustworthy experience, the brand provides high-quality service and protects data. PropertyAccess helps property seekers and agents get the chances they deserve.

Long-term, the organization wants to improve real estate consumption. PropertyAccess will build a global platform for frictionless transactions.
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