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MSI CyberFest 2023: Celebrate March Madness with Big Discounts

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MSI Laptop CyberFest 2023

MSI's CyberFest deals this month make the company's portable workstations more accessible to more customers. They are offering a discount of up to P22,000 from March 1 to March 31, 2023.

MSI CyberFest 2023

MSI Vector GP66 12UH-095PH
The Vector GP66 12UH-095PH is featured with up to ₱22,000 off. This gaming beast offers everything you need for the optimal gaming experience. The GP66 can handle AAA games and programs with its NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU and 12th Generation Intel Core i7 CPU.

MSI's Cooler Boost 5, with two fans and six heatpipes, maximizes airflow and reduces heat under the hood. The 16GB of upgradeable RAM and 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 SSD provide plenty of bandwidth and storage for all your apps.

A 165Hz QHD panel ensures smooth gameplay. If one screen is insufficient, you can view multiple displays using the matrix display. Each RGB gaming keyboard customizes this laptop. Each key can be customized, giving you endless style options.

This powerful laptop has many additional functions. The Vector GP66 laptop was designed for performance. Take advantage of this price drop and get your hands on this machine now!

MSI CyberFest 2023

MSI Crosshair 15 B12UGSZO
Want a more aggressive machine that screams "gaming"? Then the Crosshair 15 B12UGSZO is the perfect laptop for you. Featuring a futuristic-style chassis and look, you can be sure to stand out wherever you choose to plant your home base.

This laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i9 processor of up to the 12th generation, so you won't lack power. Optional i5 and i7 CPUs are available for people who deem the i9 processor excessive. An NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti provides gaming performance.

This one-of-a-kind laptop has a spectrum backlight keyboard that was inspired by the bright colors of sci-fi games. The highlighted WASD keys make it easy to get into the gaming groove. The smooth 165Hz QHD display and Cooler Boost 5 are still there to round out this high-end gaming experience.

Get this futuristic laptop at the MSI Cyberfest and receive discounts of up to ₱19,000.

MSI CyberFest 2023

MSI Katana GF66 and GF63
MSI still considers the low-cost player a market worth serving. During this time period, they are also offering significant discounts on the Katana GF66 and GF63 Thin laptop models. These models come in a broad variety of hardware configurations, including 11th and 12th-generation Intel Core processors and graphics processing units (GPUs) ranging from NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1650 to the company's flagship RTX 3070 Ti.

With a 15.6" Full High Definition (FHD) IPS display and a refresh rate of up to 240Hz, they are ideal for gaming. The base RAM size is 8 GB, and you may add as much as 64 GB more of speedy SSD memory. Its laptop's polished design is finished off by a gaming-specific, red backlit keyboard.

With price reductions ranging from ₱6,000 to ₱15,000, you can rest assured that one of these laptops won't break the bank.

But MSI is not only offering these deals for their gaming laptops. Those in the Business and Productivity field will also benefit from this limited offer.

MSI CyberFest 2023

MSI Prestige
Getting the biggest discounts are the Prestige 14, Prestige 14 Evo, and Prestige 15 Models. These ultra-slim and ultra-light laptops are perfect for working professionals that need to bring their entire office everywhere they go, from the office to coffee shops.

The Prestige Evo series is powered by the 12th Gen Intel Core i7 or i5 CPU and the onboard Intel Iris Xe Graphics. A great combination for office tasks and some light work with graphics applications.

For a more intense workload, the Prestige 14 and 15 feature discrete GPUs by NVIDIA (GeForce RTX 3050 and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti respectively). They also get an added feature with their OS being Windows 11 Pro compared to the Windows 11 home found in the other models.

These laptops feature True Color Technology for high color accuracy on your workspace. All your files are kept secure with fingerprint access and Windows Hello log-in. Optimize all your programs for your workflow with the MSI Center Pro application.

All these features and more give you Mobility without Compromise. Get a Prestige laptop now with a ₱9,000 to ₱19,000 discount during the CyberFest period.

For an even more accessible price point, MSI offers the Modern 14 and 15 models. These laptops are perfect for students as well as professionals that need a lightweight partner for their daily tasks.

Choose from a wide range of configurations, from CPUs powered by Intel Core chips to AMD Ryzen laptops. These chips already carry their own integrated graphics processors to keep these laptops ultralight and still provide the necessary juice for your applications.

These ultra-portable machines feature a wide variety of I/O ports to make sure that you are never caught lacking. An FHD IPS Panel and Hi-Res Audio are available for when you’re consuming or making media. And just like the previous series, the built-in MSI Center gives you full control of your device so you can optimize it to suit your needs.

Enjoy discounts from ₱3,000 to ₱7,000 OFF and get into the MSI experience STARTING FROM ₱29,995.

MSI has got even more models on sale for this special offer so check out the official page here for the complete list. Don’t forget to register your new laptop which may become eligible for even more promotions and prizes!
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