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TaskUs Opens Newest Philippine Site Greenhouse in Cavite


TaskUs, a provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experiences to fast-growing technology companies, officially opened the glass doors of "Greenhouse," situated at Molino in Cavite, Philippines.

The newest location exemplifies the company's dedication to providing its employees with a world-class, revitalizing workplace that promotes a better and greener lifestyle. The launch happens two days before Earth Hour, which is the ideal moment to begin the site's operations.

The new building, called Greenhouse, has a unique architectural design with "daytime-bright" lighting and finishes, fixtures, and wall paints that are safe for the environment and don't harm people's health.

Large open spaces on the site let sunshine through and conserve energy. Motion-sensor lights immediately turn off in boardrooms and interview rooms. Heat emission films reduce building heat, making air conditioning more efficient. Importantly, Greenhouse's carpets, vinyl floors, office chairs, and workstations came from carbon-conscious providers.


The company constantly reinvents workplace culture and the employee experience. "From building functional and inspiring spaces to providing benefits that go above and beyond, TaskUs is committed to building an environment that empowers people to thrive and make a positive impact in and out of work," said Dean Van Ormer, TaskUs Senior Vice President of Operations for Southeast Asia.

TaskUs Division Vice President of Operations Arjay Angodung believes Greenhouse will sustain and develop TaskUs. "This is a truly inspiring place for teammates to learn how to get healthy through nature and start living a healthy, sustainable life with their families and coworkers," he said.

Two floors of commercial space comprise Molino's new facility. Greenhouse, like other TaskUs facilities, has brilliant colors, well-designed production and lounge areas, and great amenities for its teammates.

TaskUs' 10th Philippine site in Molino is strategically located to attract talent from Cavite and adjacent regions like Laguna and Batangas. This helps the company give non-metro residents meaningful jobs.

Molino is also near four major institutions and about 650,000 residents in rural and residential regions. Due to its proximity to Metro Manila, Molino offers a varied skill pool in banking, healthcare, and IT.

TaskUs has been a leader in outsourcing for over a decade, offering its employees great benefits, learning and career development, and people-first programs.

TaskUs has extensive Wellness + Resiliency (W+R) initiatives supported by a well-trained W&R team dedicated to employee well-being. The organization also promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion by maintaining a healthy gender ratio at all sites and providing gender-inclusive facilities and benefits.

TaskUs has received a Great Place to Work Certification, a Gold Stevie for Most Exemplary Employer, Comparably's Best CEO for Women and Best CEO for Diversity, and Business Intelligence's Best Place to Work (2022) because of its investment in its employees.
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