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Pick.A.Roo and AWS to Offer Premium All-in-One Lifestyle Delivery Experience

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Pick.A.Roo and AWS

Pick.A.Roo, the premier all-in-one lifestyle delivery app, announced its strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance customer experiences through innovative personalized recommendations.
The aim of Pick.A.Roo is to make the next normal stress-free and convenient for urban customers by leveraging the superior machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of AWS.

While it does deliver meals and groceries, Pick.A.Roo also provides a quality, all-in-one experience for your everyday needs. Whether it's food, groceries, medicine, gadgets, pet supplies, appliances, baby care, or anything else, Pick.A.Roo has you covered with a wide variety of trusted brands in every category imaginable.

Pick.A.Roo, a tech company founded by Kevin L. Tan, is resilient post-pandemic since many of its customers are used to using the app to buy goods and stock their pantries. The app has been downloaded by nearly 1 million customers to date. Pick.A.Roo will also introduce its latest exciting feature in the coming weeks.

The company integrates innovative technology to use data-driven insights to create personalized customer experiences. It simplifies shopping by knowing user preferences and their app journey to present customers with a wide range of products in one place.

The partnership between Pick.A.Roo and AWS highlights their shared vision of leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve the consumer experience. Pick.A.Roo aims to transform the way urban consumers connect with their favorite brands by leveraging AWS cloud infrastructure and AI services. 

The collaboration paves the way for future developments that will allow Pick.A.Roo to continuously innovate and provide personalized customer experiences that exceed their expectations.
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