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Five Cool Extravagances Any Smart and Awesome Dad Would Love

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Cherry Home

As Father's Day draws near, now is the time to boast and show how much you love him. Take Dad out to the movies, or better yet, surprise him with an amazing present for Father's Day.

To help you find the perfect present, CHERRY has created a list of the top 5 ideal presents:

Dad Kept Us Safe and Sound
Convenience and security are at his fingertips. While away, he may monitor your home with the CHERRY Smart Swivel S4 Camera's 3MP full HD video quality. He can monitor 24/7 live security camera feeds and receive alerts for unusual activity using the security camera's wide view angle and clever auto-tracking (horizontal 355°, vertical 85°). He can talk to your family using your smartphone and the camera's two-way audio. Smartphones like the CHERRY Flare S8 Deluxe have a 6.26-inch HD+ TrueView Teardrop Display, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB ROM. The CHERRY Smart Swivel S4 Camera is priced at ₱1,649 and the CHERRY Flare S8 Deluxe is priced at ₱3,999.

Home Entertainment
With CHERRY Aqua Smart TV, enjoy engaging entertainment. Dad can stream his favorite movies and TV shows whenever he wants. The CHERRY Aqua Smart TV is a smart home entertainment choice with three sizes and an affordable price. A 55-inch variant with 4K UHD resolution and Google TV's latest operating system is available for only ₱29,999. While the 43-inch Full HD model with 74W power output is priced at only ₱19,999. If you want to save some space at home, you can buy the 32-inch model with HD resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate for only ₱11,999.

Dad Will Fix It
Most families use electronics and gadgets. However, while we use our electronics to improve our lives, we need a built-in safety feature. The CHERRY Smart Universal Extension Cord helps Dad track energy use. Timers and schedules on appliances and devices can save energy. Universal sockets accept 16A high-power connectors and 5V USB connections. It also has flame retardants. Dad can use the CHERRY IoT Solutions App to control the gadget remotely while at work or conducting errands. Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa add comfort and control. The Cherry Smart Universal Extension Cord is priced at only ₱1,619.

Little Scraps of His Wisdom
Dad thinks being healthy is the best gift you can give your family and the world. Be cautious inside and out of your home. The CHERRY automobile Ionizer with Air Purifier cleans car air. It features a 4-stage HEPA and carbon filtration system, 360-degree purification, and variable fan settings. It releases 20 million negative ions. It also fits in a car cup holder. Get this for only ₱2,500.

With these CHERRY gift ideas fit for the bravest man, you can brighten the memory of your Father's Day celebration. For more products and details visit: Cherry Shop PH:
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