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Acerpure New Tech Lifestyle Brand in the Philippines

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Acer is diversifying its product range with the introduction of Acerpure, an integrated solution that brings high-efficiency tech lifestyle products for home essentials. Acerpure is the perfect addition to any home.


Acer is not only selling products but also the promise of a healthier home and life. “Acerpure’s mission is to provide technological innovations that can resolve various consumer concerns. We want to create an Acerpure home ecosystem for consumers to live with ease and comfort,” said Sue Ong-Lim, Acer Philippines General Manager.


Acerpure products incorporate integrated technology to ensure clean homes, breathable air, and pure water. Smart integration enhances user control and monitoring through smartphone and device apps. These eco-friendly products are designed with energy-efficient operations and minimal waste generation to prioritize environmental sustainability.


As part of Acerpure’s launch in the Philippines, international superstar Sandara Park joins Acerpure as its brand ambassador, perfectly representing its wholesome and clean qualities. SB19 and Team Payaman are also launching a web series for fans to enjoy.


Acerpure Air Purifier Series
Acerpure Cozy
projects air up to a 15-meter range, achieving five complete air circulations per hour throughout every corner of your home. Leveraging its 3D Airflow Technology, Acerpure Cozy surpasses standard fans with a broader reach and more focused airflow, enhancing indoor air circulation.

Featuring 12 touch-activated speed settings and 90° up/down, 95° left/right oscillating direction adjustment, Acerpure Cozy provides convenient and precise control. Additionally, it promotes energy savings by eliminating uncomfortable temperature variations within the home, seamlessly integrating with existing heating and air conditioning systems to regulate room temperature.

Acerpure Cool features a 4-in-1 HEPA filter designed to eradicate bacteria, allergens, and pollutants, enhancing the overall health and freshness of your home's air. This advanced filter provides four layers of protection, effectively eliminating pet hair, dander, and 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including PM1.0 allergens, bacteria, formaldehyde, and odors.

Acerpure Clean Series
Acerpure Clean V1 allows you to clean like a pro with its quieter and more user-friendly design compared to other products. This gadget seamlessly combines lightness, convenience, and power to efficiently clean every corner of your home. The slim yet powerful Acerpure Clean V1, weighing only 1.5kg, boasts a cordless body with a visual battery life indicator, offering 60 minutes of runtime on a full charge. It features various modes for diverse cleaning needs, an electric power brush with hair-free technology, and four built-in LED lights for enhanced visibility.

For those looking for a lightweight option, the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite, weighing just 550 grams, delivers a suction pressure power of 13000Pa with a maximum cleaning time of 15 minutes. This model offers 2-in-1 usage, a one-button switch, a DC motor, and a USB Type-C charger for added convenience.
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