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Camella National Family Day Celebration Fortifies Family and Community Connections

Camella National Family Day

A celebration steeped in love, togetherness, and cherished traditions, National Family Day is a heartwarming occasion that resonates deeply with communities across the Philippines.

Camella National Family Day

In Camella, the nation's largest homebuilder, it is a time for families within its thriving communities to unite, fortify bonds, and forge unforgettable memories.

Camella recently marked its National Family Day with a series of engaging activities devoted to family fun and bonding. Held throughout the month of September, the event featured both on-site and digital activities, all geared towards nurturing family relationships and promoting the harmony of family life.

Camella National Family Day

Capturing Unbreakable Bonds through Digital Art
The artistic highlight of Camella National Family Day was a digital art competition, fittingly named "A Canvas of Unbreakable Bonds." The competition revolved around the theme "The Heart of Our Home: Embracing Family Harmony," inviting participants to craft original digital art that embodied the essence of family in every Filipino's life. The winning art piece and its artist, John Bryan Estipona, was awarded a brand-new tablet. “A Canvas of Unbreakable Bonds,” which ran from September 11th to 30th, 2023, attracted entries from all corners of the country.

Camella National Family Day

A Week of Familial Bonding: Camella National Family Day On-Site Activities
For families who preferred face to face bonding, the on-site activities held in Camella communities nationwide offered an equally exhilarating experience. The Family Sports Day emerged as a crowd favorite, featuring a day of spirited activities that drew families closer and facilitated connections with fellow community members. The day brimmed with friendly competitions like basketball and traditional Filipino games such as tug-of-war, relay races, and obstacle courses—tasks that encouraged teamwork and collaboration.

The Family Talent Show was another on-site gem, allowing families to flaunt their unique skills and abilities. Music, dance, singing, and magic acts graced the event as families gamely performed in front of live audiences.

At the Camella Family Fair, visitors reveled in a world of mini-game booths, testing their luck and skills. It was a delightful opportunity for families to bond while indulging in various games.

Each event culminated with flair through an array of activities. Pet parks, food stalls, photo booths, and live bands took center stage, providing entertainment for communities. Families shared precious moments, took countless photographs, and grooved to live music. In addition to the festivities, a scavenger hunt, Zumba sessions, and an art corner kept everyone engaged.

Camella National Family Day

Camella's Commitment to Family and Community
Camella's National Family Day celebration transcended all expectations, drawing families together. Children laughed and played, parents relaxed and connected with one another, and grandparents shared stories and wisdom with their loved ones. It was a beautiful reminder to honor the core values of family and community in our lives.

The event underscored Camella's unwavering dedication to promoting family harmony and fortifying familial bonds, allowing families to bask in enjoyment and craft lasting memories. Once more, the brand demonstrated that it is more than just a real estate developer; it is a company deeply committed to the well-being of families and communities, a place where the heart of the home truly thrives.

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