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HATASU HERO ebike Now Available Nationwide!


HATASU officially launched the HATASU HERO, a three-wheeler ebike designed for diverse purposes such as daily commuting, household tasks, business, and community activities.

The HATASU HERO boasts a chic front design featuring a front splash guard and eagle-eye headlights that mimic a superhero mask. Its patent leather roof and back cover, similar to a hero's cape, and enhanced functional features make it the best companion for your daily travel needs.

Created to meet the daily needs and address common challenges faced by Filipinos, the HATASU HERO strives to be the most practical and versatile mobility solution for everyone.

HATASU HOLIWHEELS Christmas Campaign

The brand's upcoming video campaign, titled "Sheesh! Paano?!" will showcase various user struggles and demonstrate how the HATASU HERO can come to their rescue.

HERO in Errands:
Running errands can be a hassle, especially when carrying loads from place to place. The HATASU HERO makes it fun and easy with its underseat and back compartment, compact body, and long handlebar, perfect for navigating narrow streets.

HERO in Household:
Addressing the diverse needs of family members, the HATASU HERO ensures everyone is taken care of. With a patent leather roof and back cover, rain or shine, it's ideal for parents picking up kids, grandparents heading to the park, and siblings hanging out. Plus, it seats 2-3 people and has a load capacity of 250 kg.

HERO in the Streets:
For a quality and affordable alternative mobility solution, the HATASU HERO is equipped with a high-powered 650W differential motor and an upgraded controller, making you the hero of the road with better throttle acceleration and no delay.

HERO in the Community:
Addressing community emergencies, the HATASU HERO comes with a dual and reverse horn and a motorcycle suspension fork for safety. Whether it's emergency rescue or community transportation, the HERO is ready with features ensuring safety and control.

HERO in Business:
Own a business and are worried about deliveries? The HATASU HERO ensures safe and timely delivery with multiple storage options, a 250 kg load capacity, a range of 60-70 km, and a speed of 20-25 kph, making order delivery hassle-free.

HERO in Service:
Need a sustainable service vehicle for your resort or village? The HATASU HERO has you covered with no need for gas, a stainless front fender for corrosion resistance, and a larger front wheel for a safer ride in the vicinity.

The HATASU HERO is available in Black/Grey and all-black colors at a nationwide suggested retail price of ₱64,990. Buy now and get a free limited HATASU gift box worth ₱1,790. Additionally, buyers between November 15 and December 31, 2023, will earn 5 raffle entries for the HATASU Holiwheels Raffle Promo. Visit HATASUPH on Facebook for more details on the raffle mechanics.
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